Sept Harvest Challenge – LOL Water..

No really, it started raining last night and it rained all night and while I get lighter drizzle, but the rain is to stay on and off all day and rain all evening and into the night..

So yes, today.. the harvest is H20.. amazing, awesome.. life giving Water!


Its aweseome, the land needs it, the well needs it, the pond needs it but its hot and soppy.. its not seed saving weather, or harvest weather, and its so hot and muggy that the idea of canning today is enough to make me cry uncle..


Thankfully, I had finished up the carrots already.. a years supply put up into the pantry..

Made a awesome Carrot Soup.. I love soups like these.. I put on a white broth, added carrots, added a diced onion, a diced garlic clove, salt, pepper and cooked till soft, then I blended it.. and added a tiny pat of butter in the middle to melt and stir in at the end in the bowl.. Love simple soups.. love a thick stick to ribs smooth soup..



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