It you make it, they will come.. 5 years strong..

This past week has been Busy! It all started around six years ago, a group of like-minded homestead-folks that prefer to be prepared where chatting online and they said.. we should get together locally and network.

and I waited.. and then I waited and then said.. coffee and the first get together was a lunch and coffee meet and greet.. and there is nothing wrong with coffee or lunch to meet folks but running the farm and such, it’s not really something I do often..

so I thought well if we are going to get together, let’s make an event of it, let’s make a day of it, and lets share knowledge, an I will give a huge thank you to some of the folks that have been supportive every single year since the beginning!

The basic outline is four “talks” seminars a potluck, and a visit and a few goodies given away an such..


Jump forward and this years event was our Fifth year! Wow, time fly’s by.. the five-year mark! the longest running every year meet of its kind in Ontario..  We had folks come from Ontario and Quebec, we had close folks and we had folks that drove hours to make it

We had a local campground where some of the folks stayed and it was a delight to get to close out the days sitting around a campfire and have a relaxed visit, I was running for a few days before and for the time the event was on.. I had some amazing help and they made things move so much smoother..

My presenters where outstanding this year, and it was the first year that I was not giving a talk myself, but I was busy enough regardless, we had beekeeping 101, we had pruning, we had hatching eggs and we had two amazing ladies show how to turn raw wool into yarn on a drop spindle.

So my next speaking event is not until Sept.. if you are local and want to learn about canning, drop me a note in the comments, I have a amazing sponsored event that is free to those that come that get me teaching water-bath and pressure canning and answering questions for the afternoon.. would be happy to have you there!

I could tell you that is a lot of work (and it is) I could say that I need to give my head a shake at times putting that kind of time, energy and money into holding the event each year.. and I am sure that some would..

but instead I am going to be honest..

I have made some amazing friends from the event..

I have had support from awesome people each year and some of them from the very beginning

I really like doing something real for my community, I think its important to find a balance in regards to online community and in person community 🙂

Its worth it! I hope that all my dear readers have something they feel strongly enough to that they reach out and attend events and that if there its not in place.. consider stepping up and making it happen..  There might just two or three or five others or more that are just waiting to here that its going to happen and will be there to give you a hand.

As always a huge thank you to my Dear Hubby, he puts up with the planning, the extra box’s and gear and he helps load and unload, he holds the farm down when I am gone for 14 plus hours at a time.. You are the best!


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2 Responses to It you make it, they will come.. 5 years strong..

  1. judy says:

    Sounds absolutely perfect! How could I find out about next year’s date please? More of this is greatly needed! Thanks

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