Blue got stepped on


Wee Blue Kitten got cheeky and while he normally has a healthy respect for the horse’s and they are quite good with the smaller critters.. he jumped in and went after a fly on the back of one of Caleb’s feathers on his front left leg while we were waiting for the farrier to arrive.

Caleb lifted his foot up and the kitten slid down and under and he put the foot down.. thankfully, he did not put his full weight down.. but my heart was in my throat and I was like O NO


(Yes, his third eyelid is up but that is not uncommon when they are feeling unwell)

So far we have had two trips to the vets, meds and lots of careful care. as grace would have it.. he is very badly bruised, no broken bones,  but in effect blunt force trauma, now that we are past the first few days, the odds of him being ok, are looking better all the time.

I am grateful for the help from friends both close and far over the past couple days. Only one single person (who is not a close friend) said, well, its a farm kitten, this happens..

Now, I am not saying that I have not lost farm kittens, I have had a kitten get taken =by a fox, I have had a kitten  get hit on the road, these things do happen.. but that does not mean that its just a farm kitten.

My farm cats are indoor-outdoor cats.. some are barn-outdoor, some are outbuilding-outdoor and some are house-outdoor, but what NONE of them are is a feral outside cat. (sometimes I have a feral show up, but that is a stray)

I think most farm cats while different then a indoor house cat are held in good stead, they get worming meds, they get their vaccines, many get altered (many of mine are) they get cat food daily and heated water bowls in winter or its set up to allow them to safely drink from the heated large livestock tanks.

They get bales stacked just so, to create warm kitty sleeping spots for the hard part of winter, or they winter box’s made for them, layered in with warm dry straw stuffed.

They get cat doors or this or that cracked open so they can freely enter and leave as need, and lets own it, even when we have a litter of kitten, most of the time if not like me, that raises them in the house, they seem to get put in a stall with a bed, a heat lamp and they get fresh warm raw milk, kitten food.. scrambled farm eggs and such..

They are not just a farm cat or a kitten..

Not on my farm!  they are part of my purrpot pride.. and I truly hope that blue will be with me for many years to come..

He needs to watch what he is doing.. because he only has eight of the nine lives left!


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1 Response to Blue got stepped on

  1. get well soon Blue!!! 🙂

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