New Farm Critters

Boy, have we been busy, and this post is a quick one, meet the new farm critters..


the imported from usa salmon faverolles chicks are doing great


my new billy kid is lovely, meet Jack a fab tri-color mixed buck he has both dairy and boar in him.. he will make very pretty babies with juno


my new breeding trio of  Sebastopol  The Sebastopol is a medium-sized goose with long, white curly feathers. The feathers of the neck are smooth and sometimes greyish-brown. ] Feathers on the breast may be curly (frizzle) or smooth. The gander weighs 12-14 lbs while the goose weighs 10-12 lbs

I have both a smooth and a frizzle female, all are proven breeders, sitters, hatchers and baby raisers


And Blue the kitten joined my pride of baby purrpots of 2016


life is keeping us hopping! but still time to stop an smell the flowers now an again



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3 Responses to New Farm Critters

  1. Welcome all you little critters 🙂 I’m sure your heart grew bigger with every little one added

  2. valbjerke says:

    Not sure if you’ve had salmon favarales before – we raised a batch years ago – I did find them to be a very timid bird, given to hiding in odd places to avoid other chickens half their size.
    I also had Sebastopols for many years (along with Great Dewlap Toulouse and Super Africans). Very pretty bird 🙂 You have to keep a close watch on them tho – with their reverse feathering, they have zero ‘lift’ – in a predator situation our other geese can quickly get to the pond – the Sebastopols can only run. In the winter we took to putting them in the barn – as we would come home to find the odd one would have jumped into the water trough and being unable to flap back out, would freeze to the trough. 🙂

  3. Widdershins says:

    All gorgeous … but that pile of kittens? … purrrrfect! 😀

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