Taylor Made homestead list


A few weeks ago a reader suggested that since cooking directions can change based on altitude and gardening plans can differ based on planting zones, someone should compile a list of homesteading / Simple Living blogs separated by the areas they reside in.  BRILLIANT, and challenge accepted!  Such a list is helpful for not only the reader of my blog but also for all blog readers, so below you’ll find a list of awesome blogs separated by U.S. location and there’s even a spot to list some great blogs from our Canadian friends below!  I’ll place this list on a separate tab on my blog so it’ll always be easily accessible and I’m asking all blogs included in this list to share this list on their own blogs as well

Check them out..

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2 Responses to Taylor Made homestead list

  1. Awesome – what a great resource for all our readers! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  2. judy says:

    THANKS for sharing!
    Always willing to learn more

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