Camping Trip, Mine Hike an more

This was a early father’s day gift to my hubby, it took a good deal of planning and the awesome help of a farm sitter to pull it off!

We headed out after morning chores for a 24 hours off the farm get away, we had a farm sitter for evening and morning chores and checks and so forth, and we are back today in time for us to do evening chores..

While to most folks a 24 hours off does not seem like much when you farm, that time can seem like a long time 🙂

So we headed to Murphy’s Point Park.. where I had booked us into a walk in, no power, no water tent site..


It came with a table, and fire pit and we set up camp. it was something we have done many times, this tent was bought back in 1999 in Yellowknife NWT and we have camped many times in it over the years, in NWT, Nunavut, Quebec and Ontario.


It took next to no time to set up the camp and we were off to the mine hike.. The reason this site had been picked was that is has one of Ontario’s largest mica mines, a short drive in the park took us to the start of the trail.


We got the map book for a dollar and we were off, its a easy hike for the most part and even the off-road parts are what I would call basic with a few up and downs..  our main friends were dragon flies, but o my the wild blackberries where in bloom everywhere..


As we rounded the curve, I caught a glimpse of a team and wagon, and I was so very excited.. I was like YES! someone does rides out here..LOL


Nope. but cool none the less


There was a table here if anyone needed a rest.. but we took our photos and moved on!


We cut into the bush and our next site was this amazing side spur to the mine itself, it was so GREEN! I know that the colors are different depending on which setting the camera was in.. sorry about that..


Here is the full view. It was amazingly cool standing in front of the mine, like having air conditioning..


This of course was what it was all about, Mica!


Great Site to spot a number of minerals in the rocks!


Over the hill we went and into the next valley, were the start of the mine is!


I of course got a awesome rock by the door with Mica, (but don’t worry I put it right back after the photo was taken, even fluffed the leaves etc


and then we moved to the top where there is a fenced off open pit with a steam engine that was very modern back in the day 🙂



And then on we went to the bunk house and the pit-basket lifts and in the back where a number of junk piles of rock.



after that we headed back doing the rest of the loop and then back to the campsites and on to the lake.. beautiful




The water was so clear , you could see the fish swimming with you and there was some good size ones, nice foot and half long and six to eight inches thick but it was the turtles that I loved.. I counted myself swimming at one time with 8 of their little heads all out and around me.. loved it!


As you can see the weather was perfect, it was warm at 28 but not really to hot, and it was sunny with some cloud cover, the water was so perfectly reflective..

but at some point, one needed to get out of the water (but not until at least an hour plus swimming was done) and back for a late supper..

While it was a no burn ban on in the area, the park allowed smaller burns for heating, cooking and evening time. two logs max.. works for us


In no way were we glamping.. this was tent, one backpack etc, buy the fire wood, and being a few cans to be heated up with spoons to eat them with.. o and two chairs.. which I did not need but I didn’t know we have the picnic table..


Our plans for sunday got changed when it became a rain day and so we could not get our canoe rental, and so we came home early, and worked on the farm..

Weather rules all! be it farm, be it camping.. lol

Hope you enjoyed coming along with us.. back to plants, gardens and recipes later in the week..

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8 Responses to Camping Trip, Mine Hike an more

  1. Ann McDaniel says:

    Thank you for including pictures, this looks like a fun trip and welcome change.

  2. OMGoodness, looks like a super-fun trip!

    (hope you don’t mind my leaving a comment here…) Just dropped by to let you know the blog post listing over 30 great homesteading/simple living sites (including yours!) sorted by state has been published. What a great resource for all our readers! I’m hoping all the blogs included on this list will share it on their site too for their readers to enjoy, as well as sharing on social media. Here’s the link –> Thanks!

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  3. EIGHT turtles? What a GREAT park, hey?I’m guessing they must’ve been Painted Turtle, not Snappers? LOL!
    Either that you’re a LOT braver than I am….

  4. LOVE the “breast stroke” pic… The reflections are perfection: )

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