Raspberry Overview 2016

The Goal : A whole lot fruit, on farm produced fruit.. I want to get to the point of being able to only eat farm produced fruits, both soft and hard kinds.

rasberry fruit

This has been a long slow road to get to where we are at now coming into 2016

in regards to this I did the math on this, I have row 0Ā  100 (late raspberry canes), Row 1, 150 plus canes (early season) and Row 2, 75 Mid-season canes plus I still need to put in row 3 later- Mid-season raspberry canes this year yet..

rasberry canes

that puts me at 350 producing canes. or approx heading into the year with 65 liner feet (I will be expounding the rows with new babies, but they will not produce this year)

first year canes growing

so that puts me at 130 pints average yield or 520 cups of raspberries for my typical yield for the year of 2016.

loaded rasberry canes

hmmm.. so that is 260 pints or 130 quarts.. that will do.. that will do..

yesterday I was on the first day of spring looking at the rows and they need cleaning, pruning and lifting but having come though winter, they are looking good..


maybe, this will be the year, we get the posts and wire up.. haha.. but it still should be a great soft fruit harvest year, I hope.. at local organic prices, if I can pick the average amount the canes should produce, they will give back 1400 to 1600 worth of fruit.. but so many things come into play. we will see

how are your raspberry canes looking, in need of a clean up and trim?

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7 Responses to Raspberry Overview 2016

  1. Nicola says:

    As usual, I didn’t get to pruning at the end of last year. As we are probably moving, I need to make them look tidy and also make sure I have a lot of roots potted up to take with us. At least raspberries are always keen to root themselves! We love raspberries fresh picked and even with just about 15ft in total, we seem to get loads and loads. I was even able to trade some for some farmer sausage with my raspberry jam obsessed farmer friend :-).

    • I read a study that says do not trim them off in the fall as they transfer carbs to the roots for them to make the winter and if we cut them in the fall, they can not do this natural process, so I do mine in the spring šŸ™‚

      but yes, for sure pot up lots to take with you.. and they will make you lots more babies šŸ™‚ I understand, raspberry jam is awesome stuff!

  2. (Have just started on this over the weekend. : )

  3. berryabundantlyblessed says:

    I was just checking mine. We need to thaw a little longer.

    I need to start more this year. They are a favorite fruit for all my little people. They make a raspberry mint salad mixed with spinach that is wonderful! Can’t wait to taste all the raspberry creations!!

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