Squash Bee’s Overview- Part 1

Good Day Folks, it is finally warming up above  freezing


One foot in front of the other and steady as she goes 🙂

I have been off for a few days but its been so worth it, we have new lambs in the barn (three more sets of wee ones), and I have been busy at training days..  I have great sheep day training course (more on that later)

I took a day long course on seed production for small scale farmers to produce market garden quality seed for community projects or for sale. I will be working on transferring 17 pages of hand written notes into something that can be useable.

I have also started my hikes so that I am in shape for my gardening, riding and some of the other planned summer events.

However lets get on target, one of the things I learned about was squash bees, now squash bees feed on all types of Squash, Pumpkins and summer squash and melons.

sq bee

The bee’s moved along with the squash as it slowly made its way from south America to Canada. Lots of folks think these bees are honey bees at first glance but they are not. They winter underground and live under ground.


Now I have without knowing it in all places but one on the farm been hindering not helping my squash bees, I tend to have my pigs or my chickens work up my beds in the squash area to help control squash bugs.. but without knowing it, I would have been working deeper in some cases then I should have for the bees.


But I do have one area on the farm that they have had squash grow for a number of years now and the area is a no till, so I am quite sure that when I check carefully this spring, that I will be able to find my own tunnels and thriving center at that place.

So this year, do consider them when doing the cleanup the ground around your squash beds and grow areas but do not till or turn them, even if you move the squash to a different area, the bees when they come out in spring, will find the plants and make new nests under the new plants, at that point, you can dig or double dig the old areas if you want for other garden use or planting.

These bees do not sting, and love that bigger squash pollen, sometimes you might even find a male sleeping in the warm sun of the afternoon in the flower itself..


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