Roasted Winter Root Veggies with Sausages

Sometimes in winter, you just love to make it and forget it, and baking something not only increases the sweetness of your root cellar veggies but also helps warm your house at the same time.


the base of this is all root cellar veggies, the butternut squash is holding very well, it was harvested and cured in early oct, so its been in storage for 3 months.. the carrots however where starting to grow greens a bit on the end, and had some fuzzy white roots on them, the turnip is getting soft and had a spot on the one skin that needed to cut a bit deep, not bad per say yet, perfectly fine to go to the pigs.

I will need to process the rest of the turnips soon I think but a few more are still holding yet.


I filled my pot of half full with these three roots, no onion, no garlic, nothing to stop their own flavour from bursting though.. I drizzle my best olive oil and a bit of sea salt and then put the bangers on top, and into the oven at 375 for approx. 90 min.


This was eat it like candy good! The squash melted down, the others where cook but firmer and the flavours.. o despite being held for 3 months, the taste was outstanding.

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5 Responses to Roasted Winter Root Veggies with Sausages

  1. Monie says:

    When you say “cured” the squash, what exactly is that? P.S. That looks delicious!

    • Hi, in order to hold winter squash over for months, you need to cure it after its harvested. you need to wipe each one, check them to make sure they do not have any issues and then store them at about house temp for a week or so.. can use a barn or a green house in the fall if it does not get to hot, once they get that time to dry-cure their skins will with a bit of care now carry the right kinds of winter squash for months, some will last a few weeks like acorn but butternut should cure out to last a good four to six months and a few others will go a full year, I am working on a certain type that is said to be able to be held two years but to date 14 months is my best yet but it means that you can still be eating your squash though the starving months and into growing season.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    A beautiful meal FG. Simply beautiful!
    A squash to hold its own for 14 months?
    AWEsome! (Would love to hear more about it, when you get the chance: )

    • will get to it later on its own post, and glad you liked the meal, it was very good

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Lol, oh yeah; I was right there with you all the way on this one: ) A casserole of root veg (potatoes, carrots and onion) tossed in olive oil that’s been kissed with garlic powder, paprika and black pepper; then roasted under farmer’s sausage? It’s my favourite one dish meal EVER!

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