Canadian Wild Goose Bean 2015

Well, lets see, I can find pages of ..

Old, Rare, Heritage, been around for hundred year and so forth..

However, at least 25 percent show or tell of a different bean then the one I grew..

So I am going to do this instead..

Given to me by a girlfriend and with new genes bought at the local seedy Saturday, I am growing what is labelled Canadian Wild Goose Bean.

This bean is the size of a typical white navy bean, it is a mottled grey-white with a slight orange hue, they grew five feet high on climbers, the young beans with their purple mottling on dark green pods are so crisp and full of flavor, I had to force myself to stop picking so we would have dried.

Next year, I will take photos of the plants, the flowers , the pods and the seeds, almost all of my pods held six beans per, with maybe 20 percent or less having four or less.


I currently have a pound an half of dried beans with more coming in, just enough to try a few cooked and to put the rest up for seed.


I also have just a few of these much darker ones, all from the same two plants, I am going to see if I can grow them out alone next year and get more that look this way.. a fun little project. They have flipped to grey with white speckles

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9 Responses to Canadian Wild Goose Bean 2015

  1. Kathleen says:

    Here is a great place for Canadian to get heritage seeds.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      They are a great seed company, on the costly side and never try and get them by phone, they never answer, just the machine, but good by email.. I have ordered from them before and many of my friends do as well and we swap seeds.. its a good starting point for sure.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    These are very cool looking beans, FG: )
    So, can you let us know, once you’ve tried them cooked?
    There’s no orange blush where they connected to the pod on the darker version, is there? It would be pretty cool if you could get them (the dark version) to increase next year, hey? Love seeing jars of different kinds of beans all lined up and waiting for next year.

    • Hi Deb

      Will do, there is no orange on the darker, you are right, I checked them and true but its a small sample yet. I know right, I like the dark version too.. I am hoping to get it to breed out true, how fun would that be.. Farmgal’s Grey Goose Beans 😛 The beans can be so pretty..

  3. Jocelyne Sewell says:

    Glad to find this site., I got 10 varieties of beans years ago as a heirloom bean collection. The beans were getting old and I wanted to start growing them. That specific variety was called “Speckled Goose and I tried many sites until I found yours. It was supposed to be a bush bean for drying and it kept on growing about the size you are mentioning. I only had about 15 seeds and they were at least 5 or 6 years old but all of them I think came up. I managed to save enough for doing them again. In the batch I got, I found 5 dark ones like yours. I have been saving and selling seeds for about 15 years. I love to try something new every year. I only grow heirloom seeds and do 25 varieties of tomatoes. I do the seed exchange every year.

    • Wonderful, with your permission, I can write you on email and we can swap out some beans in the mail and you can get some fresh genes for your stock and I will do the same.. and thank you so much for the interesting info on the dark ones, it does sound with tracking and care, that they can be found.

      • Jocelyne Sewell says:

        It would be great to exchange some seeds. Where is your farm located? We had a hobby farm in the 90’s and I was a regular to the farmer’s market, selling baking, canning, flowers, seeds, eggs etc etc. I raised rabbits and tanned some of the skins which I still have. This was the good life but we all get older…

      • Hi Jocelyne, I am in the Ottawa Valley area of Ontario, sounds like you had a great time on your farm.. we have lots of cross over on the things I do for sure, hope you will stick around and enjoy the blog 🙂 we will figure out something for the seed swap 🙂 I will be in email contact soon

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