RIP Tippy Toes

I do not write much about critters that are born and raised for freezer camp but Tippy was different, bought in a box at the local bird sale a few years ago, she was sold bred as a meat rabbit for a mear five dollars, I snapped her up, looked in the box and laughed.

Tippy was a lot of things but meat rabbit was not one of them, a great breeder, a amazing momma, but she was little..

She was also a pet, I stopped breeding her last year and I made her the rank of pet, I had told hubby, she moved to pet, and therefor I expected many more years with her, in truth I have no idea how old, she was full size to her when arrived, she was proven etc

I have had a lot of rabbits on the farm, but I have only ever had one tippy toes!


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2 Responses to RIP Tippy Toes

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh geez, so sorry you’ve lost another pal… She was a pretty little Bun: )
    And nothing’s as soft and soothing as petting a little Bun. Hugs.

  2. Sorry to hear about Tippy Toes. We only have one pet rabbit. He is a Flemish mix but no where near as big as a Flemish. He has been a “yard” rabbit for about a week now. He sniffs noses with the goats, plays with the cat, chases chickens, and relaxes in the shade with the dog. I just hope he doesn’t run off.

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