DSCN7351The melon bed is doing well, other then the cucumber beetles, which are battled daily, the plants being treated proactively for powdery mildew..


they are starting to run, which is great but It means that I need to expand their area on the busy side of the bed, very few at this point are climbing the fencing but that’s ok, because its there if they need it but we also interplanted with bean plants and despite them being slow in being planted, it was honestly a moment of ah, I have extra climber beans ready to be planted now, and where to put them.




Just a few of the melons that are growing, we also figured out that in the melon starts we were gifted, there is cucumber plants an summer squash..

And then there is the winter squash, if I was not so stubborn, I would just call them, I have never had such a poor start to most of my winter butternut squash, I reworked them and some are up and doing great, lots a few weaker ones but even with using fall extenders, I will be lucky to get seeds for next year, I am just down right growly over it..

Of course the pumpkins on the other hand, they are ground O for the cucumber beetles, we can easily take off 50 per day, and again the next day and the next and the next..

But they are still thriving at the moment.. I see the damage but the growth at this time is outputting the damage, and they really need more area cut down for them..


When you see this.. you know you need to bump it up the list 🙂 yup, that is pumpkin poking its head up out of six foot tall plants around it.. soon pumpkin, soon I promise..



Its taking up the whole space given to it.. and there are at least a dozen plus pumpkins on it at this time, plus at least 30 plus blooms. the pumpkins are currently around the size of baseballs..


I have two other squash rows but until we clean out the wild parsnip, they are look, no touch, I expect that the beetles are on them as well.. so we will get that area de-parsnip so I can get in, do a weed clean out, and spray for mildew and swish some bugs.

So while my melon growing has some ups and downs this year, I am overall very pleased.

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3 Responses to Melons

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Well, in spite of the bizarre weather insect barrage and slow start, your plants look very happy: )
    And best of luck fighting the good fight against all odds, Intrepid Gardener…
    That last pic is a gorgeous zucchini!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Remember I was telling you about my wild-sown “Spring Lettuce”? I’m fairly certain that the plant in the (left) foreground with your zucchini – while it’s not as deeply cut a leaf, is most likely related, if not the exact same thing. Worth a taste, come the Spring?
    I’ll send you a photo of what mine look like now that some are all grown up [went 6 feet tall this year] mildewed and getting ready to flower.
    Thinking its Sow Thistle, but not sure. Do you think it would qualify for Edible Gardens?

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