Strawberry- Yum..

Strawberries, my patch this spring is doing well, very well.. in fact when I had a visit from a blog regular (Deb) in the past week, she made a comment that the size of the strawberry plants was *wow*..

Now I will admit that the the strawberry plants are rockin this year, the biggest we have ever had, I believe it has to do with the fact that this the second year that we feed them comfrey, now I do not know what they were missing but I scattered chopped comfrey leaves around them last fall and o my..  they are at least a full 1-3rd bigger, and so far, the production is outstanding.

We picked our first bowl on Friday, another on sunday and now it will become a regular event..  our first bowl, we just trimmed, sugared and eat them as is!


But the second batch, I did them a bit different and made fresh strawberry ice cream.. heavenly! This was just vanilla ice cream with blended fresh strawberries, so simple with the flavour is popped..

I have Banana in the house, an will be making Strawberry-Banana Jam very soon.. and Rhubarb-Strawberry after that..

We also greatly increased the strawberry amounts on the farm this year.. we put 25 strawberry plants into the food forest, we will see how they do..


However we also made a new June bearing strawberry patch in the new soft fruit garden zone.. it is a long four plant across bed, within it was planted hundred twenty-five new bare root plants, and they are all up! I really like that company.. every single one is growing.. but we are already needing to take off the odd flower.. No flowering or berry producing for them this year! They need to grow and get them settled.

They were well bedded down with a mix of turned pig bedding mixed with dirt..  they will not need a top dressing for at least two years, but we do need to find the time to clean up the walkways on the edges and I will use the hoe to keep it clean..

I am greatly looking forward to the expanded haul of strawberries that should be coming in next spring..


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1 Response to Strawberry- Yum..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Beautiful. (I can smell and taste them from here; ). They’ve just started down here by The Lake this weekend; but I saw some about a week ago on the way up to Peterborough.
    Time to go dig out the knee pads and berry boxes get DOWN and pickin’ – trouble is, I never seem to know when to quit. It seems there are always SO many berries, just going to waste…
    Good pickers are hard to find – and it’s hard work for little money (unless you’re selling them yourself; )

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