The Chicks of 2015- Off-Farm Bought

I already have my first momma hen sitting on nest of eggs at the moment, and I am hoping for many more, there will be farm raised chicks

But it was also a buying year..

4- bought, 3 are with me Iceland Race Chicks, there are two roosters and one hen.. the bigger stronger roo is hard on the other roo.. at some point, I will need to sell him or cull him for the stew pot.. for the safety of all.

6- Meat Chicks- These are heavy duty meat cross birds and the girls will stay and boys, well the best boy might stay but the rest.  for my best sunday dinner.

10- Mixed dual purpose, leaning heavier to the egg layer side, mix run.. the roosters are for the freezer and the hens are for my laying flock..

1- One polish rooster, growing him out and if he turns out very cute, I have a friend that loves that breed, and he might be gifted or might stay here or he might freezer camp.. his future is wide! open

1- Dual purpose rooster with the start of a split beak, he was gifted to me, because new that I would never keep, breed or gift him away, he is for the freezer camp, but he will have a great life before then.

1- Speckled Sussex (should be female) chick for my layer flock

My own chicks to be, well they are a mix run of mutts lol.. but they are proven productive suited to my farm mutts and they are pretty..

8 Up in the air I have a order for one more pure bred, but I do not know if the hatchery is selling or not at this time..  but there could be 8 more coming, if so, best rooster and second best stay, the others sell and all hens are staying.

I am tracking growout costs  and will give detailed reports back but my numbers all sideways due to the fact that I am bringing things to the girls, as they are not allowed out to free range due to the bird flu warnings..

I love my birds and I have no issue sprouting for them, even daily harvest of greens but I will not risk them by letting them free ranging about at this time.. safety first!


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2 Responses to The Chicks of 2015- Off-Farm Bought

  1. Bill says:

    We bought a couple dozen chicks this spring–sex links and white leghorns, along with 4 sex link point of lays. We have mostly heritage breed dual purpose birds, but I couldn’t resist boosting our egg production with these girls. I’d prefer to hatch all of our chicks naturally here, but we must have the dumbest hens alive (I know that is saying a lot). They don’t do a very good job of hatching eggs. Last year we only hatched 4 and all of them turned out to be roosters. I have a hen sitting on a clutch now, due to hatch in four days. But when I checked on her this afternoon she was sitting on freshly laid eggs in a nesting box, leaving her clutch uncovered. Because it was a farmer’s market day I hadn’t looked in on her for nearly 24 hours. I have no idea how long she’d been on the wrong eggs, but it could have been long enough to ruin the ones she should have been brooding. Good grief. Oh well, we’ll see what happens. Best of luck with all your new chickens!

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