Lambing Season for 2015 is now done..

Well unless Ice breed very late in the season and finally caught on her last heat, I have been told that being a wool sheep and the breeds that she is that she will not cycle out of season, and given that where she came from her mother, sisters and so forth have all had their lambs, I will assume that she did not take.. I am ok with this, she is after only a yearling this year and I prefer when possible to not breed until this year..

So it was a very lean year here on the farm in terms of lambs, eight little ram lambs joined the farm and two pretty ewes.. It was a much different mix of colors, patterns, and coat types, I should have my first really nice wool to shear on a few of the lambs this fall before they go to freezer camp.

At this time, we have a waiting list for our lambs, and all our lambs that will be available after we get our own lamb for the year are reserved at this time.

This is will be a very good thing for our pastures this year, to have so few sheep on it, and once next year, the girls will ideally pick up the pace again with lots of sets of twins

The first lamb born who has a lovely set of horns growing on him is nicknamed, Horry is our first lamb weaned this year, and I am very pleased to see how easy this has been, I expected a big old fuss, like a calf would do..

I was wrong because his mother and him could still see and touch heads and even sleep side by side but not nurse has been working so well.. the mother is pretty much dried up at this point and he is weaned..  The rest of the lambs will be weaned in the next two to six weeks depending on when born and their size.

Everyone makes me laugh, they are out nibbling on nothing but I guess they must be finding something in the pasture because the areas they have access to they are all out looking.

Whisky the ram did indeed have typical wool break for his breed, and is in fact shedding his wool coat in huge chunks, he sheds it the opposite way to my hair sheep..

So far I am doing ok with the wool sheep but Dh is happy with the size and boning and rapid growth rate but he is not so happy yet about wool.. it does add another level of work in many ways from the hair sheep.

Our only two ewe lambs..



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5 Responses to Lambing Season for 2015 is now done..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Well, I suppose if you want to sell more lamb, rather than increase your flock, then this year has been perfect?
    Your baby girls are so very cute! Are they either pure hair or wool stock? Or is your ram the sire of both?

  2. Sheri says:

    Sweet girls! And still plenty for the larder! It’s all good!

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