Starting your Horse Again the Spring..

Its that time of year again.. o yes, riding season has started, finally its warmed up enough and the ice as melted..  its pretty muddy, and there are areas that are still sopping wet but nothing that the horse can not handle 🙂

A friend said to me.. when was the last time you rode and I went huh! The last time was in Sept before I left for my moms, that means that Caleb had been unridden for around eight months, not that does not mean that he was not ground worked or even worked in tack because he was.. but ridden.. nope that he was rusty on..

Hubby did the first ride, while I was working from the ground..  I had to laugh, my hubby has come along way.. other then needing to do some circles and changing tempo, he was looking mighty fine up there.. he says to me.. he forgot how to walk in a straight line.. made me laugh, its a quirk we are working on… I like to point them in the direction, give them their head and go.. its a throw back to line riding the fence from alberta.. DSCN5318

Sunday was my day to get up and ride, it went very nice indeed, we did neck flexs in saddle, we did a number of shifting, forward, back, gee or haw. We rode working on neck reining and I had him turning on leg cues only.. still working on the whoa leg cue stops but he is starting to remember that is my cue..

Our trust in each other is better, I felt him tense up, I could hear the reason, fast moving water coming though the culvert, so I just relaxed more and we played games over it, loved to see him breath it out and lick his lips.

We had one start, one second we are over here, and the next.. poof.. we are over there, it was a flock of small birds coming up, dang can he move when he want to, I am telling ya, somewhere on that paint side is a bit of cutting horse line.

last spring I would have been worried about my seat, worried that he would not come down, but I am not the rider I was last spring, and I have faith in my big guy.. so we played games, and did this and that, and when we came back and the birds flew up, he did not blink, he flicked a ear back to see if I had anything to say.. so we played touch it with a tractor part left in the field.

This year will bring new toys in the field, it will bring many rides, and ideally it strengthen our bond and our teamwork.. Happy One Year (this post should have come out Monday) with you Caleb, so proud to know you.




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1 Response to Starting your Horse Again the Spring..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Happy one year, indeed!: )

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