March Photo Challenge- 5th

The changing snow is a real challenge to take a good photo of, you have to find places that show different textures and depths to try and get what I am trying to capture..

DSCN4862 (2)Can you see it.. the melted top coat on the sun.. that my friends is a huge boon to me! It means that the solar energy is starting to win the battle and even with the cold, we are still seeing snow melt!


Always work to be done.. There is certainly spring repair work to do on my older buildings.


hmmm, even Spook, one of my very shy farm purrpots was enjoying the sun enough for me to get a lovely photo of her.. I adore her eye color, its so different.. a pale mix of yellow-green


I tried to get this photo before they froze solid in odd ways, but it was not meant to be..  Its bright and sunny but its still finger numbing cold out there today..  or in this case, towel freezing in place before you can get them all up and snap a photo..


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