Garden Plans for 2015- Brussel Sprouts

I am starting to do some seed sprout test on my Brussel Sprouts Seeds, I will be adding in a nice row of about 30 feet of the Sprouts garden gods willing.


This plant is certainly one of the longest that I grow each year, must be started quite early in the spring, repotted at least once before being placed out into the garden.

Do not skimp on your spacing on these, but do consider green cropping around them that can be cut and drop and or once big enough if you want to bed it down..My beautiful picture

I have grown them both with a green cover or bedded, I found they did better for me in the green cover, my very best year, I did a mix of raddish greens, plaintain and clover..  none of the plants, I did not let the radish go to seed, I snipped and dropped the flowers, harvested the plantain seeds for critter use and I cut and chopped the clover into the soil afterwards.

I have tried a few different teas and they appear to thrive best on a lighter watering of Nettle Tea. I grew them in full sun, moderate rich soil with a fence that had a full climber over it, that provided a moderate wind break.

Your critters will use the leaves you pick off as fodder, and pigs, sheep or cows will be happy to eat the stock after your take off your Brussels, they even chewed up the roots quite contently, not something always seen.


These are tough plants on the back end of the season, I have harvested as late as Nov and even into Dec depending on the winter.


They are better after a good hard frost before your first harvest, and they can be used in more says then most folks think.. I like them in my eggs as a breakfast item.. YUM!


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