Equine First Aid Course!


Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Course

Join us for a one day course covering what your vet needs to know, vital signs, lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, puncture wounds, hoof issues, pain source identification, saddle fit for spinal health, injury prevention and more!  All attendees receive a certificate of completion, first aid manual and more!

Yup Farmgal now has her three year piece of paper that says I am trained in basic and I have plans to take a more advanced course as well. I will not share photos of the folks at the event but I am willing to share our very sweet and calm and o so well behaved horses that let us play pretend doctor on them..


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4 Responses to Equine First Aid Course!

  1. Sheri says:

    I bet that was fun. I sure miss hanging out in a horse barn.

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