Rustic Potato Pancakes Recipe



Here I am showing off one  of my awesome cutting boards, this was a Christmas gift a number of years ago and I adore it!

DSCN4517some of our homegrown spuds, despite the nick, they are holding very well. my all reds are more like all pinks  and while they are firm, the flesh is softer and a touch sweeter then normal store spuds.

Now I am pretty sure I have done proper potato pancakes, which include egg and they are so good, yum, yum..

However, I am in the hard part of winter and eggs are not near as easy to come by till the hens start laying more.. so these are much more basic.. Grated potato, grated onion, minxed garlic and herbs and spices to taste, fried crispy in a bit of bacon fat. It was served with a bit of leftover ham and hot cuppa as a hearty breakfast for a good work day on the farm



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