They say do not count your chicks before they hatch but!

So those of you that have followed the blog for years now that I had goats at one time, really loved Mimi.


she was a cross between a saanen and a Nubian and I loved her and her milk, tried other kinds of breeds of goats and we did not like that milk much or in some cases at all. Given they lived together and eat the same feed, it was not taint, it was the goat.

Milkmaid and her cow

So we started milking the sheep and got a calf that we raised up for a milk cow.. which in some ways was good, we liked the milk and in other ways very bad, we had way to much milk and the birthing stressed a unknown problem with Girls heart that is the reason we believe she had such a personality change after her calf. It was both a shock and kind of a relief to find out about it from the butcher.

2013-01-01 2586 (500x467)

I got a new really milky sheep for the flock called Polar Ice, aka Ice

But the big news is that I am on a waiting list for a new milking doe, she will be half saanen, one fourth boar and one fourth Nubian.. I very much like her mother and what will be two half sisters from the same mother but all three having different fathers.

I will not need to carry a buck, my girlfriend and I have reach a understanding in terms of giving a hand with breeding my girl when the time comes.

Only time will tell me if this was the right choice or not.. but that is the news! My chosen momma is huge and due any day, so I will keep you posted on if there is a doe in there for me this year.

Regardless of the outcome, we will only have sheep. milk on the farm for the year of 2015

I for one am greatly looking forward to it!

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4 Responses to They say do not count your chicks before they hatch but!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Congratulations on the (hopefully soon-to-be) newcomer to the farm, Step-Momma! Something you said about the flavour of some goat’s milk got me wondering…
    Does all goat’s milk have that “furry” flavour?

  2. Sheri says:

    I have never heard of milking sheep. At the age of 56 years I learned something new.

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