New Years Eve 2014


I normally write about following your dreams, staying true to your path, and that is very true but as this year of 2014 has taught me, good health can be taken for granted and when you lose it, o my.. o MY, can it shake the very ground you have built your world on.

the effects of my health will be carried over to the new year but I have hopes, plans and dreams of a much better year. None the less I believe that the challenges will be reflected on the blog in a number of ways, how can it not when the blog is a reflection of my life and world..

Hopes for the year,

  • New Milking Sheep- Polar Ice
  • Shearing, working with wool, felting and hand dye with natural coloring
  • Soap Making
  • Garden, increase in size, growing out rare beans, growing out a tester for new strains of plants for a girlfriend, continue filling in food forest
  • Bird breeding program for the year
  • Recipies, food related
  • Horse training, riding and 4 day Rother horse training clinic in fall 2015
  • My first writer Con
  • Many other things I am just forgetting at this time


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6 Responses to New Years Eve 2014

  1. Sheri says:

    thanks Linda, I am looking forward to the new year and glad you enjoyed the posts I did get up.. I look forward to photos and a overview on your garden projects for the coming year.

    We have decided to not add in any new larger livestock or baby calfs this year, while we do have two young female pigs, they are to grow fat, turn the garden, do their work in the barn and the pasture area’s and then they are going to freezer camp and farmgate sales.

    This will be huge in the difference in takes for daily chores, which should leave us more time to garden and ride over the nice weather times of the year, at least that is the plan 🙂

  2. Hope that your year is much better than the last. Ill health can be a real bummer. I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts this year and hope for many more. I’m getting older and I need height in my gardening so I’m starting straw bale gardening and will build permanent 2′ high 4′ x 8′ raised beds with these. Wide enough that I can pull a cart through the aisles or use a wheelchair, if needed later. Simplify your life and make easy changes. Good luck!!

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Happy New Year to you: FG, DH and all Living Creatures – no, all Life on The Farm!
    Sending Humongous Hugs +
    Hope for Health and Happiness.

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