Saturday in pictures..

2013-01-01 2692 (500x375)

Yummy Milk bread.. so good.. a treat indeed.

2013-01-01 2706 (500x375)

The last of the sunflower are finally cut, and de-seeded, the large heads were 12 to 14 inches, the med 8 to 10 inches an the small around 6 to 8 inches.

2013-01-01 2697 (500x375)

Summer Turnips rows were harvested, could have been bigger but not bad!

2013-01-01 2709 (500x375)

Not bad for second planting time for the carrots, I am going to learn in my third plants for overwinter to see if we can get carrots in the spring.

2013-01-01 2713 (375x500)

these little beans are from my third bean planting which is just starting to do a production push, they will need to be covered as we have a possible frost warning this coming week, its early this year..


2013-01-01 2701 (500x375)

These are going to make stocking stuffers for a certain brother.. and maybe  a few gift jars for other folks..

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12 Responses to Saturday in pictures..

  1. Dianne Feray says:

    milk bread – recipe please

  2. Sheri says:

    Your turnips are beautiful! I did 2 plantings and the second turned out good. I did the same 2 plantings with my carrots,the 2nd turned out better. My friend in Spokane,Washington had a light morning frost 2 mornings ago. I spent all morning and afternoon making & canning chicken herbal soup for my daughter and 2 grandchildren. I’m so worried about them getting sick with this stuff that is going around. My daughter works in a hospital and always gets so sick. I’m worried so I cook!

    • I have read about that on the news, truly hope that both your daughter and grandbabies will be fine thanks for the kind words on the summer turnips

      • Sheri says:

        I’m not looking forward to this winter. On the news they stated that we would be having a very cold winter. Areas in the central North America, they are expecting it to be pretty bad. We get the Alaskan cold down the Frazier River and it gets freezing cold. I’m trying to get as prepared as I can and helping my daughter and grandchildren, Roberta is 4 and Aaron is 2. Roberta is our equestrian!

      • agree, get ready, all signs point to a very long cold hard winter

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I smiled when I saw the photo of your beans – Mom used to make “Dilly” Beans with hot pepper spears in the jar – so simple and SO yummy!: )
    Are your pickled jalapeños pretty easy to do too?

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