2013-01-01 2155 (450x600)

Comfrey, its sure grows very well, I was thrilled to see that it is already in bloom by the end of may, the bee’s will be very pleased indeed, its already well over 3 plus feet in height, I will begin harvesting next month for feeding different things in the gardens.

2013-01-01 2154 (600x450)

Rhubarb Cake, lovely white cake with fresh diced Rhubarb from the gardens, Mints are Rhubarb are the big ones that are ready right now.. Made a lovely batch of coconut Mint cookies, very nice indeed. While I didn’t make it at all sweet, I did add a little bit of brown sugar to the top baked in.

2013-01-01 2157 (450x600)

Lilac Jelly  this year is a stunning Color indeed.. Its a heavy lilac flower year, I find that the darker the flowers the better the scent and the stronger the flavour..

I have been practising different things in regards to training Caleb, we have been working on getting him uses to shots, I am using a kids cap gun at this stage of the training, and the one we were working on today was “don’t feed the bears” I didn’t get a photo of your own stuff, I will get hubby to do so at a later date..


But here is a photo of it from the cowboy club.. I’m quite excited for the weekend as I am slipping off the farm for a number of hours to go to short horse ground work -cowboy clinic that is very close indeed to the farm. I will need to find out if I am allowed to take photos or not, but I do hope so, even if I make sure I am not showing faces etc.  I will give me a helping hand on what will be happening when I go to my first one with Caleb at the end of June




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  1. Sheri says:

    Thank you for posting the picture of your comfrey. They don’t show that to you on the seed packages! Your cake looks yummy and I had no idea you could make jelly out of lilac. My Lilac season is done here so I’ll have to put this on the next year “To Do” list. Cheers!

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