Rhubarb, Apple-Mint, Spruce Tip Crumble Recipe

Ok, last reblog for a bit, before we head back out, we are in the potato planting push today, it will take a total of 28 extra full wheelbarrel loads to make the rows, another eight loads of compost mix to go on them and then planting will happen.. and the potato’s will be done and in.. it takes the two of us working together a full hour per row, so its going to be a long day.. now some of you might have thought, why not just lay down the big chips of the clean straw, so so much faster and you would be totally right.. but then you need to use a ton of water to wet it and start the compost process and you still need to haul all the compost and a bit of dirt and then you need to hill it etc..

This does not make a lot of sense when we have cleanup to do around the waste area for the critters, with the hours put in, we get the same ground covering effect (smothering weeds, no dig, create new garden ground) but with the added bonus of wet bedding, part decom already started and a great mix of bedding-poo mix, then we only need to rake it, and add our extra’s and plant.. it will hold the water so much better and will require less to get started.. some hard work now for many extra wins in the near future..

We have already made a few of these lovely crisps

Just another Day on the Farm

2012-12-24 234 (500x375)

The crumble was around eight to ten cups of rhubarb, one cup of cleaned loose leafs of apple mint (that I then sliced) and about half a cup of small spruce tips cut into bits

2012-12-24 226 (500x360)

one cup of sugar (depending on your rhubarb tartness along with 1/4t cup off flour and a good pinch of ground ginger, mix together and put in the bottom of the pan

2012-12-24 227 (500x375)

I made a regular crumble topping, (so butter, sugar and oats and flour) but instead of water, use orange juice concentrate and a 1 tsp of cinnamon in the crust.. bake at 350 till edges are bubble and top golden

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