Well, 1-10th of the garden is in and done!

2013-01-01 2081 (600x450)

Well, the front part of the garden is finely done cleaned, double dug, planted and bedded down for the season, note the bed themselves are free form raised bed, in double or in a some case triple row planted.

2013-01-01 2079 (600x419)

now you most likely noticed the one narrow row, its not really narrow, its just superbedded down and in fact as those 25 plants keep growing, I will pull the bedding down and around them so that the fruit in fact sits up high on the straw itself. and  that row full of green, that mints, beebalm and other herbs that come back year after year.

2013-01-01 2074 (450x600)

Another hundred onions put in the ground today..

2013-01-01 2078 (600x450)

on the other hand hundreds of wee baby self-seeded radishs are up and growing well, the patch is between three to four feet wide and around ten feet long and its full just like the above one..

2013-01-01 2076 (484x600)

Vlad the peacock was dancing for the hen tonight, never could get him to turn proper for the photo but still pretty boy..



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3 Responses to Well, 1-10th of the garden is in and done!

  1. Sheri says:

    WOW! Looking good! Part of my garden is also “free form” but I’m planning on doing terraced raised beds over the top this fall. I’ve got renegade Lemon Balm from a tiny little piece that hit the ground. I’ve been fighting it a bit but should I “Get Over It”? Your garden looks great and it looks like you have a good rhubarb year to boot! I just put up Rhubarb Strawberry Orange Zest Preserves. Yum!

    • Well it is a good idea to keep your balms under control but as the leaves are good for eating fresh and both the leaves and flowers are good for tea’ plus it is there to feed the bee’s which in turn means more food produced in the gardens, I would say, give it a spot in the garden if you have the room for it. Yes, the old rhubarb patch is going strong, the new one is coming along nicely, but we won’t touch it harvest wise even a bit till next year. hmm, that does sound good, got my first flowers on the biggest strawberry plants yesterday, but it will be a bit yet before I will be able to put up the amounts needed for jam 🙂 We have not had a fresh strawberry since last year, (we don’t buy from the store so the first push will be fresh eating, then for storage.

      • Sheri says:

        I think I’m in a bit of trouble with that Lemon Balm. Oops! Thank goodness I love it! I admire you for not depending on a grocery for so much of your food. I don’t see independence for me, I live on a small lot, but I have changed my thinking and eating habits. Many of the fruits and veggies brought to my area (Pacific Northwest) are now considered “delicates” and are prepared, preserved and eaten sparingly.

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