Tree’s, wool lamb, new does an riding..

2013-01-01 2064 (600x383)

Great Ride tonight, went out with a total of five rider-horse combo’s, first we went bushwhacking, did a little limbo, tree dodging, and lots of mud, a little up and down, though a nice big spot of water, he tested it with his hoof but went with a nudge, jumped a little creek (the turkey, love my saddle) and then we hit the big field, was held back while others galloped off on him.. rode the field, even had a partridge flush up right in front of him and no issues, did have to fight to keep him walk, as the other horse’s went off ahead or in some cases behind, he mainly took last place or rode side by side with one other horse, but we also passed and where passed which was excellent. Nice hour an half ride, our longest yet.. Happy Happy.. such a good boy, and yes it was cold out there.. hat, winter jacket, and gloves.. the wind was brisk!

2013-01-01 2066 (600x405)

Tree’s had to come down, we had a work bee on Friday night, many hands make light work, and thank goodness for chainsaws and strong backs, in the end, 16 trees down, firewood, and enough fixings for two new hugelcultures.. just some of it in the photos

2013-01-01 2067 (600x450)

New Ram Lamb arrived on the farm, he came early because he decided to start trying to breed… silly boy, he has had a hard time settling into the flock, they don’t seem to believe that he is a sheep with his wooly coat and docked tail etc..  so its been a odd settling in period, but its coming.  My very first wool sheep on the farm!

2013-01-01 2071 (487x600)

New Rabbit does, stunning big girls.. Thrilled to have this new girl join the rabbit herd, they are bigger then all my does and are only six months in age, a month to settle in, and then they will be breed for their first litter, can’t wait to see if they give me a increase in my overall kits and grow out rates.

2013-01-01 2069 (600x457) (2)

Another 1600 hundred pounds of straw have arrived on the farm this morning to go along with the 600 pounds or so that I had left to bed down the gardens over the next ten days or so.. Well had better get to it 🙂 Have a wonderful long weekend folks.. are you camping, visiting friends or family or are you in the gardens.. what are your plans

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