What a great weekend..

Where do I even start..  I know..

Dear Readers,

How are you? How was your weekend? Are you feeling well? We had a wonderful weekend, we started Saturday off a bit early but it had to be done, we rushed though chores and then headed to town to clean the van before we went to the big city, we were meeting up with friends, we only get to see them in person as a couple once in a blue moon, normally we are in touch by email or facebook, its a delight to get to see folks in person at times. We had booked in a lunch at a very cool old mill.. We had a great spot overlooking one of the old Ottawa lock system.. See the sunroom, that was where we were..


Then we headed home and stopped at Canadian tire as we had gotten a gift card for there as a easter present, buying on sale, we got a Northern Spy Apple Tree, a new gooseberry bush and a new highbush blueberry.. we did good..

Then when we got home, I was to connect with a friend and go riding, but as I checked in, I was informed that the family had said.. lets go fishing instead.. so we headed out, not that we did any fishing but we did hang, visit, hubby went fossil hunting in the rocks, it was a grand time indeed.. The bank down was very very steep and filled with rocks.. so I was careful and we tied off a rope for safety… the kids of course didn’t use it, but I was happy to have it..

10312117_10203458529966852_60538285_n (450x600)

So after a super relaxing hang out by the river, we drove home and did chores fast and hard and grabbed a bite to eat and then crashed.. snore, snore..

Sunday morning arrived grey, cool and with moments of sunshine but more moments of rain.. We did all the regular stuff but the big push was many many loads of composting bedding/manure down to the garden bed..  the main garden was to wet to work in today so we did one of the front garden area’s and I am thrilled to say that we finished prepping it, we have 700 feet worth of bed ready to go..  It will be planted out in two rows of Russian sunflowers, with a mix of bush and climbing cucumbers, some for fresh eating, most for canning in different ways, with a intermix on the edges of flowers an herbs for eating, drying, or salve, medical uses etc. the Sunflowers will be started first by a bit and will provide the climbing vines a place to go up, and the bush will provide the ground cover, the flowers/herbs will work in a number of ways, as a bug draw, as bug protection and as pollinator draws.

Now,  I have a unused stripe of land that I want to put into production this year.. its four to five feet wide, by 120 feet long, full sun, higher on the top, wetter in the middle, dries out but water down in two to three feet on the back end, there is a water ditch on the left side and then farmers field, with fruit bush line on the right side.. Right now in wild, I don’t want to break soil, I don’t want to till, no root veggies please.. I can create hills to plant in, I can make narrow beds for planting in.. I am leary about putting into squash or pumpkins (plus they already have 800 feet for their growing area) as I don’t want them growing out into the field.. ok.. I look forward to your thoughts and idea’s..

The new ducks are settling in very well.. so pretty.. I did split the duck flock, the meat ducks are now one flock, the other two mated sets are in their own flock, and I pulled George and Henny from the main chicken flock and moved them into their own pen, we peeked into nest box and the wee baby buns are opening their eyes now..  the gift female rabbit has been breed three times now, with different bucks an still no babies..  I don’t know if I should even try a third or give on it.. such a sweet rabbit.

2013-01-01 1960 (600x425)

Found this cute mostly shed sheeps wool birds nest in one of the tree’s today, is really quite small, just looks big in the photo, in a very unprotected spot but its cute..

2013-01-01 1956 (600x450)

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One Response to What a great weekend..

  1. erikamay85 says:

    You look so radiant in that picture with your husband! I love it~! Glad you got to have a relaxing weekend.

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