The farm uglies.. :)

But they are beautiful in their own right.. its all in the eye.. Normally, I walk around the farm, with my eye on showing off my lovely critters, and all the good things on the farm..

Today, I decided to walk around the farm with my eye on.. well, not unpretty things per say more like.. These need work things or show that my farm is coming on a hundred years old and things are always in need of fixing..

2013-01-01 1938 (450x600)

The always growing, and always being used brush piles, this pile will be done in different uses, the bigger pieces will be cutup and used in the fire pit, the med and smaller will be used in the bottom of a hugelculture bed..

2013-01-01 1939 (600x450)

This is “no man’s land” a area that we are building up, its a combo of land rising and composting area, either way its a slow steady process of all extra’s go here to be rotted down and to create mass that will at some point raise this land spot up to a level we want, and then it will be seeded out and become part of the pasture.. We have been working on fillin in no man’s land for nine years now, and its come along way indeed.

2013-01-01 1940 (450x600)

This is a nice fresh pile.. now I am thrilled to have my horse’s but I will be honest, no so thrilled that their piles need to be picked up and move, for eight years, the sheep and goats, just poo’d and all was well… then came the cow and we needed to do pickups, one large critter is one thing but we are currently now doing three horse’s and the calf.. if the pastures ever dry out, it will help greatly in spring cleanup but the bottom line is, that the gardens must and do get the push at this time of year..

2013-01-01 1941 (450x600)

Love to see my birds on the roof, but that roof needs work this year, will be hiring someone to come and do a repair and a tightening of the whole roof down..

2013-01-01 1942 (450x600)

Miss Piggy is very up and down, grunt, fuss with her bedding, up and down, fuss fuss.. and I am quite certain that I saw her have contractions, but no piglets yet..

Kermit has been given a new job and he is on it in a big way.. dig up the pen so we can clean it out, he will do all the lifting, fluffing and turning of poo/bedding for us, allowing for much easier pen cleaning in the front half of the big barn..

2013-01-01 1947 (450x600)

Caleb followed me around, watching me move from place to place.. hmmm what is she doing now?

2013-01-01 1945 (450x600)

Man the horse’s with their heavy weights and the wet, wet spring have done a number on our gateways.. they are just deep mucky mud.. something to read and try and figure out what to do, for years we would just lay down big boards and we would walk them and that was that but the sheep just didn’t do this kind of damage there.. so we will need to consider, adding sand, (don’t like the idea of adding gravel at all) but we might have to consider cement walk though on the two main gate area’s..  Its a skill I have not worked in a number of years but one that I have no doubt that all the info is still in the back of my head and can be pulled out…. I do love my huge big old shade tree in that pasture.

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4 Responses to The farm uglies.. :)

  1. Marie says:

    Question: “No man’s land” is an area used for composting but also you’re trying to raise the level of land? Was it too low at one point? Oh and good luck Miss Piggy!

    • Yes, it was a area of the farm, that was to low, it was a soggy mess and it didn’t drain well, so we had a choice.. cut ditch lines, dig a pond in the area to allow a sink hole for drainage of the area around it or rise the land up by three to four plus feet to at one point, creating a level new higher raise with sloping sides that lead to a drainage lee..

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Caleb is such a fine handsome-looking fellow (and your gorgeous Maple looks like it’s about to make a lot of bees VERY happy too; )

  3. Bill says:

    I appreciate the look of a nice pile of horse manure. Wonderful stuff.

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