Garden overview April 2014.. looks like nothing at the moment :)

2013-01-01 1879 (450x600)

Well, I promised that I would take a photo a month of the garden area’s.. so here they are one month later, and while the snow is gone, I am not sure they look any more like a garden 🙂

Lets break that big boy down just a touch, only took photos of the front two area’s that we cleared off by raking, and will be working in some compost, admendments and starting on the first april planting..

2013-01-01 1876 (450x600)

At the very front is a herbal/flower area that comes back year after year.. over  by the brown shed is three rows of garlic beds, behind the shed in two rows are 14 rhubarb plants.

One row over is horseradish, walking onions, Wild Violets, mints and some strawberries.. One more row over and its all beebalms and strawberries.. The rest is all annual area, and will first be moved into pea’s, and then cropped out and planted out again.. anywhere that is not planted out will be seeded out with barley or oats as a green crop..

2013-01-01 1878 (600x450)

And in this patch of nothing, there is in fact , area’s for annual planting but there is also a section that grow’s self-seeded ground cherries, a good size area that grows self0seeded Borage, then two rows of comfry, then two double rows of Strawberry plants, and by the fence in a area is sunchokes..

Now this looks even worse LOL, but this is the in fact my oldest permaculture bed and its sunk down a good solid three plus feet, leaving me with a wooden base and about a foot of well rotten soil.. so we are rebuilding it up this spring.. this is 14 wheelbarrols of dry biomass from the front part of the main garden, and it will be stomped down and then we will add straw/poo bedding, then a light layer of straw and then dirt hill mounds for planting afterwards.

2013-01-01 1880 (600x450)

This mass is my two year old hay bed, we had a lot of shifting over the winter and not all in a good way, they are still sitting on their wood base, three shifted nice and three really didn’t.. we have plans to figure out how to work these.. but this is what we are starting with this spring.. what a mess..

2013-01-01 1881 (600x450)

And this again looks like nothing, I know but it in fact has a ton of things going on.. the main line was my huge squash bed from last year, which produced hundreds of pounds of squash’s both summer and winter, and to the right is a combo of tree’s, plants, herbs, and even vines, along with a good amount of wild’s to harvest.

2013-01-01 1882 (450x600)

The winter really composted this down and it will need a rebuild and plant out..  There are of course many other area’s that will grow food of all kinds but it does not look any more productive then the above ones..




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