March 16th

Sunday came in with lots to do.. we were home on the farm all day, I did go for a visit but it was a walk to the next farm, so that was fine..

We did a little fixin on the very low fencing, certainly a rough job but it raised the fence up a good amount and is better for the sheep, I am sure that the horse’s could still jump it if they wanted to do so.. but at least when you look out, it seems better..


Breakfast was rye toast with eggs for me, rye toast with peanut butter for hubby, lunch was soup and supper was beets, roast beef and veggie rice, drinks were water, tea or hot chocolate.

Dessert was chocolate coconut pie, hubby had been a hard working man and needed a thank you treat!

2013-01-01 1668 (450x600)

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