March 5th- Sunny Day..

Breakfast was the normal, eggs and flat bread, with tea an honey.

Dear Hubby is working from home today, and guess what we are doing for his lunch hour, yup, we are going horseback riding!, now that is a good way to spend a bit of time together on this fine sunny winter day!

2013-01-01 1592 (450x600)

A great way to wake me up and get me moving.. and the horse’s were more then ready to have a little time off the farm as well 🙂

2013-01-01 1590 (450x600)

We came in and heated up a lovely tomato burger corn soup for lunch with water, I have pulled a roast, some burger and a steak to thaw, so I will have a good choice of things for supper time when it rolls around..

Yup, I think I am coming down with something, went for a hours nap and Dh woke me up for a late supper a number of hour’s later, he says, that he talked to me and I answered but I think he was pulling my leg, cuz I don’t remember it 🙂 I never even moved LOL,

Dh made steak, carrots and mashed garlic potato’s, Rooboo tea with honey and Applesauce for dessert.

Slowly working our way though the fresh stuff but keeping at least 80 percent of all the meals from the farm (eggs) and from the pantry and trying to limit the fresh to about 20 percent to help it stretch further, my bean sprouts all have tails and tomorrow, I will be starting a new jar. I have also started a micro greens tray with radish and with broccoli for coming future use.


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