Needing to take stock..

Well, I will admit it,  I am feeling the need to take stock, I need to take my clip board and I need to do inventory on my cellar, and pantry’s, I need to do this for a number of reason’s,

A) The most basic, I need to see how much I have in storage compared to what I “Should” have in storage..  this is just solid stewardship.

B) I have changed the way we are eating as we are currently on a Fertility Diet, and this means that not only do I need to look at my cellar with a different eye but I need to plan it in two ways at the moment. I need to split my food storage into two slightly different ways of seeing and thinking about things..

1) Long terms storage for “what if”, now typically my what if is based on working to control of the rising food costs, I still like to have a min of two years of certain things, right now, we can afford to pay for my fertility diet but I would be a fool to not continue to plan for the “what if my husband lost his job” or the “what if we had a bad garden season and I got nothing from it due to a storm or ?”

This means that while I currently are limited or not eating certain foods, I can and will continue to store them, using them sparely but still very much wanting them, examples at the moment would be rice, wheat flour, pasta, jam, jellies, (made with lots of sugar) sugar etc

2) On the flip side, I need to have a much better understanding of what I currently have in terms of root cellar, canned veggies and fruits along with meats.. because I am looking at being on my fertility diet for a min of one to three years..  This means that I need to lot more veggies put up, I need a lot more use it in the next six months fruits put up in very light or fruit juice, in order to keep the costs of buying fresh out of season.

C) This information will be what allows me to plan my garden season for 2014, this is very important to work to help keep costs down. With the huge increase in cost in herb’s, medication, tests, we are already outputting hundreds of dollars per month on the quest for fertility health and general health combined with weight loss, finding a way to lower down the food costs would be a very, very! welcome thing indeed.

D) Need to find a ways to increase the odds of not losing food, this year alone, across Canada, I have watched there be, floods, storms and quakes, plus cold, bitter, BITTER< DEEP >COLD.. and while I have some things in place, I find my plans lacking to a point..

Each of these need to be addressed and considered and then ideally better plans put into place, and ideally each plan needs at least one backup plan.. which hopefully to a point will allow overlap, example a old fashioned properly done hanging lamp will throw enough heat to keep the cellar above 0, but its risky because it requires flames, and I don’t feel like burning my house down, so its a backup to the backup, I can use it if I truly need to but I don’t want it to be the first line of defence by any means

So has any of the many, many recent nature related issues in your neck of the woods or in your country made you stop and think? If so, what are you planning on doing about it?



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4 Responses to Needing to take stock..

  1. dreamfarming says:

    I’ve just seen on the news they have had a chemical spill in West Virginia. There are going to be a lot of people struggling to learn how to use less water until they get it cleared up. It makes one take another look at how much water is on hand. Even if it is a few states over. Something like that could happen anywhere.

    • Its amazing really at just how many area’s and ways places around the country have been hit with natural or part natural/part man made issues this year, in a way eye poppingly so, as it has effected the lives of hundreds of thousands at a time depending on what has happened..

  2. I’m not sure what you mean about fertility diet. Special foods? Can you point me to info on this. Love your site. I get so much from it.


      While there is a bit of tweeking, 95 percent of the basic’s of my tailored fertility diet is based on the above book, with small minor tweeks based on my wwn test results working with my doctors, and master herblist.

      Its a mix of western and eastern treatements, it includes, diet, exercise, herbs or medical help

      Not so much special foods, as what you can and can’t do, I am classified as Tired.. this means no cold foods, limited raw foods (when eaten with warming foods) ideally all cooked foods, no caffine, no suger, the only sweeter allowed is honey, slow carbs only and very limited, so in a nut shell, I can eat veggies/fruits, meat, eggs, and very limited whole grain carbs.

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