Homemade Soap Report.. Spring 2013

Well, I can’t keep showing you only wet soap and not the finished results, plus I have been playing around with recipes and would like to report on how they turned out.

2012-12-24 193 (500x375)

This is the Baby Sheep Milk Soap.. this is a very, very soft soap, as in I am will most likely let it cure another four to six months in the hopes that it will cure out more.. its like washing your hands with a mix of soap and lotion, it melts very quickly, and gives small rich lather, your hands feel very, very soft when washed with this soap, I can see how it would be amazing on a wee ones fine skin.. no scent.. just pure and very, very gentle..

2012-12-24 194 (500x375)

This is Sheep Milk Nettle Soap– This is a very hard bar of soap, it gives a small amount of lather, it has a very, very light scent of nettles and it feels wonderful, I love this soap as face or shower soap, you feel so clean and no need for lotions when done with it, I have also used this one as a solid shampoo bar, I found it cleaned really well and when rinced with apple cider mixed with water, that my hair dried to soft fluffy and with my natural curl showing, I had a few folks tell me, that my hair looked great that day, but I would like to tweek the recipe if I wanted to make it into a proper shampoo bar!

2012-12-24 192 (500x375)

This is Nanaimo..

It is a special soap as it was made with my own home rendered lard, and its shows, its a amazing hard, hard, HARD bar of soap, it also is almost impossible to get a lather on it.. it is a very interesting soap to me, it has very little scent but what it does have is soft and enjoyable, it produces a very creamy feel when washing with it, and it leaves your hands feeling super clean and very, very soft.. now I didn’t much like this bar in the shower until I felt the super creamy feel and shaved with it, and man O man, its a shaving bar of soap.. love it…

2012-12-24 191 (500x375)

This is my Coffee Garden Soap..

Wow, I am so glad that I have the recipe on this one and can repeat it, its a winner! This is a lovely scented and scubby soap with a amazing lather, leaving you hand or face clean and soft with a awesome smoothness to it.. Its got lard in it, so it is a bit of a harder bar as well but it soften in the water perfectly and lathers quickly and fully!

2012-12-24 196 (500x375)

So there you have them.. Coming up in the next while, Beer Soap and Wine Soap..


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1 Response to Homemade Soap Report.. Spring 2013

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful soaps, fg! Looking forward to hearing about the wine and beer ones you’ll be making, and your felted wool soaps as well. I have a pumpkin bar I love…need to learn how to make it for myself now!

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