Farmgal version of Sour Mizithra Cheese..

This is a sheep milk cheese made with whole milk, cream included, salted, dried and aged at least 60 days(for the store bought 1 and half pound sizes) as I made mine smaller, they dried faster and I just had to try it.. I also herbed mine, so when grated it was a herbed mizithra dried grated cheese.

I would like to make more of these, and see just how well they would keep as a dry hanging cheese once dried and cured and salt rubbed.

Now this is a listed as a very full bodied cheese, its lovely and reminds me very much of parm but of course was much faster to make.. Took a good while to grate it out, but I think it turned out lovely! Has anyone tried this cheese from the stores?

Almost temped to see if farmboy carries it and to buy just a little bit and try the version coming out of italy and compare it to mine 🙂

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 064 001 (500x375) (2)



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