Meat Pie.. Yum.. Pork/Lamb Recipe

This recipe turned out to be just yum! I made my regular pie crust but with a touch more salt then normal in it to go with the meat.. I cooked up half a pd of pork/half a pd of lamb, one big onion (grated), 1/4th a med size head of cabbage, one cup of mixed peppers red and green, spices where a mixed bag but for ease, I would say just use montreal steak spice, with a touch more garlic, along with a half tsp of cinnamon and 1/4th teaspoon of fresh grated nutmeg..   If you wanted to play with it, go half fresh cabbage and half crout, and if you wanted to really add a little “bang”, dice and add two large dill pickles.

I cooked the meat mix and set it in a bowl, made the pie, and put the cooked filling in and then baked in a 350 oven till golden brown on bottom/sides.

This was taken to a potluck supper and got rave reviews!

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 042 001 (500x375)

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4 Responses to Meat Pie.. Yum.. Pork/Lamb Recipe

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Now THAT is one nice looking pie Girl! Sounds darned tasty too… As a matter-of-fact, I’d say it should be called Tourtière and proudly so (perhaps living so close, Québec is starting to rub off on you?; )

    • thank Deb, the recipe came from a Eastern European cookbook, which shows in the crout/chopped up dill pickle that the recipe called for, but given that I moved it over to cabbage, that makes it more canadian for sure.. I have had touriere locally, and it has always been ground spiced meat in pie crust, never had any that have veggies added in.. It was good.. I might need to do a bit more research to see if I can find more tourtiere recipes that use more then just the meat only.

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