Forgot how much I like having Gold Fish in the house..

Gold Fish..

I forgot how much I like having fish, I had a fish tank in my room for most of my teen years, I never had a heated tank, I never had anything fancy, it was typically feeder gold fish that grew big to fit the space, a few snails, typically at least one clam from the river and that was it, but I always enjoyed seeing them swimming around.

When I moved a bit to much and my last fish died, I didn’t have any for awhile, then when I Was in NWT, I talked DH into a small fish bowl and a pretty fighter fish, it didn’t make the week before I forgot to put it back on its shelf, and left it on the table and scoop went the purrpot, and DH declared us a purrpot house and a no fish house..

So it stayed for many, many years.. and then along came Bright eyes, suddenly this fall, we became the proud owners of a 20 gallon tank, filters, lights, and floating rocks and seems like at least five kinds of different food, and finally I got three little feeder goldfish, the first thing I noticed was how much I liked seeing the color in the tank (even if Dh who picked them did get three that looks all the same with solid colors on them) and then within a day or two, I was so pleased to see what a huge differnce they make in the tank, Bright eyes is a wasteful girl and the little fish love cleaning up her leftovers, which in turn means much less changes of water required, but with the fish added, it does mean extra checks and cleaning of the filters but that’s still alot less work then full tank cleanings and water changes.

I went in for a bit of color, I was thinking male guppies or a fighting fish, but turns out my tank is to cold for the guppies and I didn’t like the looks of any of the fighting fish, I know what a healthy young fish looks like and none of them looked overally healthy and they sure didn’t look young either.

I had planned on feeder fish but they didn’t pass the health check either, sheez, you would think they would not put sick fish on sale..

So I ended up with four more comets and two very pretty parti-color fancy goldfish with the big heads, and four split fan tails, it was a buy one get one sale, so I only paid for three fish and added six more to the tank for a total of eight in there, as one small one was eaten by the turtle..

So after they all adjusted, I added in a bit of places to hide from the turtle to give them the best shot at it, and told her, the little ones, go for it, the bigger pretty ones, leave them alone.. she just blinked her eyes at me.. I think she will do whatever she wants, she typically does, a she rules her tank with her tiny snapping jaws.

What I have been reminded of is that I like having fish in the house, swimming and turning and how excited they get when you feed them, and while I have a number of purrpots that watch them so far, we have had no issues and I hope it stays that way.

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2 Responses to Forgot how much I like having Gold Fish in the house..

  1. calliek says:

    So funny! I found a small octagon tank with all the fixings on the curb last week so I dragged it home and we’re setting it up today! It’s been a while since I’ve had fish and the Russian has never had any so we’re looking forward to seeing some other life forms bobbing around in a tank.

  2. thatoldschoolgirl says:

    Glad you made it back to the fishy ranks. I have a tank full of my guppies in my kitchen. Its as close as I can get to sitting in the yard at dawn in the summer.

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