Friday Report.. Ten dollar a Week Food Challange/Weigh in

The Ten Dollar a week food Challange is coming into its second week, the first week the ten dollars went to the Good Food Box fund, this week, I spent 4.22 cents, which was one 3 pds bag of onions, and a treat that was not really a good thing but I need to own it, I came home with a package of those chocolate filled croissane, which was shared equally between Dh and myself..

This coming week’s ten dollar fund is going for the good food box as I order two of them, and I won’t know what I get until they come in..

In the house fresh I still have 3 pds of yellow onions plus 3, less then half of a green cabbage, 2 pds of carrots, 2 green apples and that’s it.. everything else needs to come from the pantry, cellar in a canned, dried or frozen state.

As rabbit has been the fresh meat in the house this week, we have been having a lot of rabbit dishes (as you can see during with the recipes shared, and another one coming soon)

Weigh in..

While I checked twice and so did DH, in fact he did it on both scales, we are both the same this week as last.. kind of odd that it happened to both of us but there it is, nothing gained and nothing lost..

I will admit to being a little huh about this, but nothing to do about it it now, just move forward, I will have to make more effort this week.


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2 Responses to Friday Report.. Ten dollar a Week Food Challange/Weigh in

  1. Since they say Dieting and loosing weight is more like a roller coaster, perhaps your still on the flat part of the track. Sounds like your working at it already, the body is fickle just give it time, let the geese get into those wheels and it will start to roll.

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