The Xmas box’s have been sent…

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They are heading their way under lots and lots of horse power LOL, well more like Grayhound horse power these days but the message is the same..  The above wrapped gifts might seem like a huge amount but I have a big! family out west..  How are you doing this xmas season, are you like friends of mine that have opted out, don’t do presents, or very limited ones or only homemade ones?

Are you the kind of family that goes all out?! or do you fall somewhere in the middle, I am a in the middle girl, while I love the family time and I am really torn this year, I spent last christmas with my family last year which I had not done in years and all it did was really make me want to spend this years with them as well but that would so not be far to my hubby.

I have a little surprise planned for christmas day and I won’t ruin it by talking about it but I think it will be a blast and will share photos of some of it afterwards.

What have you got planned for your christmas? Are you going somewhere? Staying home? Having family come to you?

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9 Responses to The Xmas box’s have been sent…

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Here, we are staying home for Christmas. My grown kids who live around here are coming over and two others and their significant others from out west will be here as well. The grown-ups are doing a Christmas ‘draw’ and buying/making/’Fraggle Rock’ing one gift for the sibling whose name they get. I’m learning to buy less for the youngest two children still at home…….
    Lots of baked goodies, providing meals and snacks – all my gifts to my family.
    After spending years and years going back home for Christmas, we’ve been staying here at home for the last 25 years – my awesome, late Mother-in-law comforted me by saying “you have to make your own family traditions”….. and she was SO right! Now that my kids are grown up themselves, they have tons of memories around staying right here in this house at Christmastime, and not driving to Grandparents’ places 4 hours away.
    Have a lovely Christmas on your Farm. Any special treats planned for the animal members of your family?

  2. Verla says:

    As I will not be spending this Christmas with you and my oldest son, my youngest son and I will be spending Christmas Eve with dear friends who are like family. We will be having half Canadian and half Lebanese food. Yum!

  3. Lake Lili says:

    We will be spending the 23rd with my sister, her family and her in-laws at her house. On Christmas Day, we will be home in the morning and having a late lunch with friends. Christmas used to be an over-priced orgy of presents (lots of fun really) but in more recent years I have directed a toning down and a refocusing on the reason for the Holy Day. This year with dso many boxes as yet unpacked from the move, I am sticking a bow on them and a name tag… we’ll see what we find… the ultimate in “re-gifting”.
    If you catch your animals talking on Christmas Eve, could you let us know. Monkey is sure that they do.

  4. oceannah says:

    Keepin’ it simple this year. Got my packages out and now readying the homefront for small visits from local friends. Merry Christmas.

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