Knitted Bucket Handle Covers


Ok, for all those folks that have never hauled a full five gallon bucket of water or feed, this might seem like a odd thing to have made but for those that have, just picture it, extra padding, warm, no freezing metal and a bigger handle.

Knitted Bucket Handles


How to make your Knitted Bucket Handle Cover

If you can knit, you can make this, I wanted it thick, so I used two strands of different color to add extra strength and weight.

Cast on 15 wide, you can knit it as tight as you want but don’t choose to big of needles, you want it to be solid, I just checked it on the handle to get the length when, I made it big enough of a good amount of overlap, then I just took a knitting finishing needle, put it though and I stitched it up and down twice and did a big thick tie off, that is the bottom part..

This project is a quick and easy. It could be a great little idea for the younger just learning to knit members of your household.

What a difference it made in the morning hauling chores, I am going to make enough for all our regular buckets, if and when you need to replace it, just cut off and make a new one.

Update: I have now used these for many years, I have found they make on average 2 to 3 winters before needing to be replaced.. if used for hauling water.. if used in the croft in the dry goods, I have some that are 5 years old and going strong!

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9 Responses to Knitted Bucket Handle Covers

  1. Since I do not knit, I use the foam covers for water pipes. Buy a length and use whatever size I need by cutting it down to that size.

    Not pretty, but expedient and manly 🙂

    • that’s a awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing and much more manly indeed..

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Hey Wilderness, That’s another great idea! Just to expand the thought, wondering if a bit of electrical tape spiralled around your pipe wrap would keep it from popping off, plus add a bit of protection for the foam?

      • Electrical Tape is good, although you would be better getting hockey tape. Softer on the hands, water proof as well. The electrical tape is a little hard, especially if your holding onto the edge of the tape, does not bother me much with calluses, but if you have softer hands or office hands it may cut and hurt you.

        For this I keep a roll of Duct Tape, The roll is split by cutting into the tape; 1/4 cut on one side, the other side the tape is 3/4’s of the roll. That way you have the use of the tape in two different sizes. If you need a full width roll, use another roll. I always have 2 rolls on the go. The Duct Tape is also waterproof and you will find it softer on the hands with softer edges than the electrical tape.

        For the Ladies; Hockey Tape and Duct Tape also come in some mind boggling colours now, just for you’all ! I have seen them in pink, white, blue, green, some florescent colours and luckily Camo and black for us dudes. You will also find that the foam comes in black, blue and pink. Let the womanly decorative juices flow !

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Call me weird, but I really don’t care what it looks like, as long as it works. Thinking stick tape would also be a good choice: tough, flexible and waterproof – yet soft enough, gives excellent grip (and yes, even comes in flashy neon colours or camo too; )

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh yeah! This is a GREAT idea!!

  3. queen of string says:

    This was a real Doh! moment for me. So many times I have hurt myself lifting those stupid thin handles on heavy buckets. I know no self respecting farmer would buy one, but I bet you could sell a ton in one of those silly, city, homesteading shops 😀

  4. Great idea! I am going to knit myself some of these. You are right the handles are a killer. Please come share at my weekly blog fest:

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