Friday This and That Post.. Piglets, Purrpatches update

Six weeks old and while sleeping in big piglet piles to help keep warm in the cooler mornings, they are growing well and are eating/drinking down their creep dishes between feedings, I keep adding more in the hopes that I can figure out just how much they need per day.. Miss Piggy is still going strong and has lots of milk but is starting to show signs this week of milking off her rear (strangely I notice the fat loss not on her back but on her hams?) but she is eating like a champ and I keep increasing her feed weekly, along with fresh extra’s that are mineral/vit rich, while not perhaps as dense in calories as her regular feed is.

I am having a interesting time tracking down whole sprouting barley but I think I have got a lead on some at this time, but it might end up needing to go outside “just” my hundred mile to get to the source of it, I could have bought locally if I had known I need this amounts and because its as hard to get, we ordered in 5 90pds bags of it so that we will have a good supply.

As we will soon be starting to seal off different area’s of the house and close them down for winter, so that we are not heating them, I am in clean, tidy the rooms that this will happen in, I need to double check everything that nothing is left behind that can’t freeze as these rooms will get below zero, we are also working to get the old truck completely cleaned out, and hauled away, which needs to be done before the snow really starts to fly as I need that parking space to be able to be cleaned out and used as a part of the turn around for the van, which has really bad winter snow clearance, I miss my 4 by 4 truck very much in this regards.

Its a clean the house, do the laundry, make hound food, bake off a full oven of meat, veggies and clean out the fridge for the slop bucket..

Update on Patches, my wonderful purrpot, she has not been found or seen since my last update, so I can only assume that the fox got her, the coy-wolvies in our local area have never been known to come on to the farm, let alone the farmyard but sadly because PurrPatches was so friendly with the hounds, in fact, she used to climb on my Black Goddess and kneed on her while purring before settling down to sleep together, I know that she would not have run as she should have if a fox had come up on her, and fox’s are the only ones that would come close enough to the house to get my deck/house girl.. Its strange, despite having a goodly amount of barn cats and house cats, I miss her something fierce, she was one of My cuddle cats, and while I have lots of pat me purrpots, I don’t have that many lap cuddle ones..

I got some amazing books for my birthday, each one needs its own write up and sharing of a few things but just a few that I am reading and marking idea’s out of include, the perservation kitchen, the Homemade Pantry, Can it, Bottle it, smoke it and Paleo comfort foods, what is in your daily reading pile at the moment..



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3 Responses to Friday This and That Post.. Piglets, Purrpatches update

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    SO sorry to hear she hasn’t come back – we lost a young fella (THE sweetest kitten I’ve ever met): to the coyotes right about this time two years ago – feeling your pain… Hugs, D.

  2. Verla says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Patches. She was a sweet girl. Memphis is growing into a fine, gentle boy (with me). He takes on Sherman a lot but most of it is play. If it gets too rough L breaks them up. TickyBoo has been seen to groom him however she flipped him the other day because he was being too buggy. Boy did he calm down fast.

  3. grammomsblog says:

    A few years back, we had Fishers take our old Dad cat, then both of the year old kittens (friendly and stayed nearby)…….. our new Kitten is an indoor cat…

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