First Ferrier Visit for Brandy..

Well, let me tell you the saga of the Ferrier has been interesting, so when I got Brandy, I was told that she had her feet done by someone who does not really like doing large horse’s and that she had her feet ground and had been twitched (please don’t go all Ah, on me, I didn’t own her while this happened), now I have heard alot of negative things about twitching and read both sides and i still honestly don’t know how I feel about it, which is where I am going to leave that part at..

So when Farmer T booked a Ferrier to come for her own horses, I booked in to be in the loop, this was a new ferrier as T’s known gentleman had retired, and he was a younger gentleman, seemed very professional in terms of gear, and was only a bit late, however it had been very lightly raining earlier that morning, by this I mean, we had worked out in it, and the horses’s backs where wet, but not soaking wet, and it was not raining nor had been for a bit before he got there, he looked at the outside horses and checked the one that was not in need of new shoes and declared that he would come back in a week as he didn’t want to get “wet” (never heard of a coat to put over or chaps?) anyway, he never even made it over to see my girl, who 99 percent sure would have been hanging in the barn dry but whatever, he was to be back in our area in a week..  He was a no show and a no phone call return gent..

So Farmer T called and got the name of a relative to her old ferrier and we booked a time, and waited, and waited, no phone call, no the time and an hour passed etc.. Then I notice that a truck with topper had pulled into my farm, but by the time I get over, he’s gone but then not ten min later, slowly driving down the road, anyway, long story short, we hoped in a truck and meet him coming back down the other way, lost and still doing his best to find us, he had been working not to far away, and they had kindly given him back road directions that got him quite lost 🙂

Older gentleman who has been doing horses for 40 years and is amazing with the horse’s, it was very interesting to me, I watched and help hold with T’s horses that got done, each one provided their own challange, and he handled them all with grace and calm, I really liked how he had the horse square itself off and then would gently check conformation, I know that to the causal eye it appears that he likes to pet and calm the horse but from a show eye, I watched his hand check out the lay of the bones and then he woud look to how the horse stands.  He asked about what each horse was asked to do in terms of work, and after each one, he was open and honest about where the feet where at in regards to condition and if anything needed to be worked on etc.

He asked and talked about how our stange and hard/dry summer was effected their feet and gave solid idea’s on things we could do to help, what I really liked is that he had tailored answers to different horses and what and why do things a certain way and didn’t just say do this or that, but instead explained why he recommended something!

So over we came to my place and I went and got my girl, I was very interested to hear that he believes that she is a TB/Clyde cross, thankfully she is just short and small enough that he is comfortable working with her sizewise. She was to me a bit of a handful, in the sense that she gave him a challange in a few ways but I have to admit that some of it was what I expected, the front feet were the easiest to do, however I typically have issues with one back foot, and sometimes, we play the up and down game a few times before I get to do the “hold and clean” part, she never wins that battle, I always get what I want in the end, but compared to the front, the back are harder for sure.

Well she has her baby fit (did you know a horse can balance and throw herself forward on two legs only?)regardless she didn’t get what she wanted, she had moved forward and got him to drop the foot finally (balance reason’s to be honest) and I backed her right to the same spot and she kinda gave in at that point and the other rear foot was done with no issues..

He said she really needed them done, and took a good inch off, and boy do they look better from the filing ect but he asked a number of movement questions and she has no issues and then aferwards he pointed out that she is a “bump” in her one hoof, How! did I miss that in my grooming, foot picking and even hoof moisture treatment.. anyway, somehow I did, he filed it down just a bit, it does not seem to be bothering her at all, he says it could have been a injury at the time that it grew, anyway as it causes no pain, and no lameness, he said, just wait the six weeks and we will see how it grows out, I hate to admit this but the first words out of my mouth where a slightly panic of, should I call the vet? to have it looked at..  he explained in detail why he didn’t think that was neeed at this time, and once I heard the thought pattern, it made alot of sense to me..

So we will be keeping an eye on that, he does carry shoes in her size, but he wants to see how her feet grow and wear from the work I am asking from her and look at the time of the year in regards to shoes.

We are booked back into his loop in six weeks and I have to admit that I am thrilled to have someone who is both good with the horse, and also who is such a natural at being able to share his knowledge with the owner!

If this works out, I can tell you already, that someone will be getting a nice Christmas basket/bonus! A huge thank-you goes out to Farmer T for all her hard work in regard to finding us a good one!

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1 Response to First Ferrier Visit for Brandy..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hiya FarmGal, Sure hope this “bump” turns out to be a non-issue… But be sure to keep us posted, hey?

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