Food Storage Friday Report and Farmgate Update for 2012

I am thrilled to say that my pantry and cold cellar are holding well, I have been successful at getting to the point that with the main items required that are based on the garden each year that I am hitting a two year mark, which means if I was to loss my tomato crop this year, I would have enough to hold me over till next year etc.

I have been blessed to not have had a single frost for any of my hard fruit tree’s and my soft fruit bushes and plants all made the winter and are looking wonderful at this time. The garden is going in starts and spurts but the greenhouse is full and this weekend is full of promise..

I have stopped in over the past ten days or so at most of my bigger wild pick area’s and they are doing well, and I do believe that there will lots of fruit there as well..  My ewe’s outdid themselves this year and between the pig, Marty and all the “wanted” but wow extra lambs in sets of twins, am currently looking at my pantry, freezer and my farm and I am just in awe and humbled by how the coming year looks!

In keeping with what I wrote above, I am thrilled to annouce, that I will be doing a very limited amount of farmgate sales this year.. I have created a for sale page, but while I will put up what is available when, I mainly want that page to be a way to connect with me, so that I can create a email list to keep you in the loop.

So if you are local to Ottawa/Rockland/Cornwall area I might have something now and again that would interest you.. If you want to get put on a private mailing list for updates, contact me by leaving me a comment, its moderated and only I will see it. Everything will be in limited amounts, contact me directly for amounts and prices.

Currently available-Farm Fresh Rhubarb

Available for Reservation: Lamb-Half or Whole

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5 Responses to Food Storage Friday Report and Farmgate Update for 2012

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Everything sounds awesome Farmgal!

  2. That is very exciting news! 🙂 I wish I lived closer. Six hours is a bit far to get stuff.

  3. sara says:

    I would be interested however not sure how local you are to me.

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