Do you Facebook?

Hi Folks,

I love blogging and trust me that is not going to stop! but I often have just little things I want to share, fun, silly or interesting tidbits at least to me but not nearly big enough for a proper post, and I also often have many “one off” or “odd” or “funny” photos in regards to the critters, the farm or our little trips off the farm,Β  that just don’t match up with the different blog posts I am working on, and so I have whole files filled with great photos that just beg for sharing!

There will be cross linking with what is written on the blog, and most likely a few reposting of some of my favorite bloggers or interesting news stories with comments..

So if any of the above interests you, feel free to use the link !Β If not, no worries, the blog will move along as normal πŸ™‚


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6 Responses to Do you Facebook?

  1. I do Facebook and I went over and “liked” your page πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Not yet; but been kicking it around for a whole now… The whole security/privacy thing is what’s been holding me back. I know that’s a big thing for you too, so do you have any suggestions?

    • I did a few things, first I used middle name and not married name for sign up, so that it is not common name that most folks know me by but family and long term friends do. Second, Facebook makes everything “auto open” so you have to go to each and every single little spot and change the privacy mode, there is a button that allows you to check your pages, and profiles and photo’s as if you were the public looking at it, use it, it will quickly help you find any and all weak spots on the privacy that need to be closed down tight, only let close friends and family in as friends for the personally updates and then once that is set up, make a “facebook page” which is what the Just another Day on the farm is, then go though all the same changing of settings, making sure that you change it from your name to the page name and lock everyone but yourself out and its as safe as its going to get it while still using the system.

      My last peice of advice is remember, if you would not say it in public, or put it on the blog, it should not go up on facebook either! Otherwise its nice to stay in touch with family from the other side of canada, and friends that are across the country! on my personal page, and I hope to have alot of fun with my matching farm blog facebook page as well!

      • Polearm says:

        It should also be mentioned that Facebook (FB) keeps everything you post, forever. Even if you remove it from your profile. Digital storage is cheap and pretty reliable these days. FB also tracks the IP of where you log in from (just like Gmail, Hotmail, Amazon and pretty well everywhere else). They use that information almost immediately to ensure you get the right advertisements. I logged into FB from Spain and it took almost a week after I got back for all the Spanish advertisements to go away. They also, when provided with a warrant, provide it to the Government.

        For an example of what the Government can do, the Dept. of Justice (possibly the FBEye) used to have the Federal Indictment of the young man who planned evil things for a Maryland Military recruiting centre on their website (it may still be there). It contained the IP of the house where he logged into his “I hate Ah-merica” websites, a list of the regular occupants that lived there (by name), which FB profiles (including the fake) along with where else those accounts logged in from. Using that data, they tracked the young man through the various remote log in locations (libraries, cafe, starbucks etc) using time bracketing and just good old following him. Eventually, some concerned agents pretended to have similar interests and made contact with him. They gave him several outs (Are you sure you want to do this?) until he was parked outside the center in a van loaded to bring down the walls (fake), while the centre was open. Then they arrested him.

        Note that the US Government also does keyword searches of websites looking for specific words. Once they get a hit, they start digging a little deeper into the site to try to determine the context of the use of the keyword. This includes those hosted in other countries, and then just tell the local constabulary about it.

  3. Daisy says:

    Hmmm…more cow pictures….maybe lambs too….you are seriously making me consider blowing my cover. LOL

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