Skunk on the must be spring..

What a morning, why could the blasted skunk not come when it was warm out, O no, its got to show up just as the temps dip and and the wind chill factor will rip right though you this morning, and of course I ran out without proper gear..  Maybe I should back up a bit..

So a little while ago the hounds were going nuts, I had gone to the window three times, thinking someone here, this was not just a lower and slower alarm woof-woof-woof, this had included some straight out 000000000 and back lunging with hair coming up, and when the hounds do that I am up and checking things out.. but I couldn’t see anything out of place, I even stepped out onto the deck both front and back, nothing that I could see or hear..

Then I heard it, Honk the guard goose was going nuts, the chickens were freaking out, and there it was, a young (most likely a year old) skunk trying to find its way into the outdoor chicken pen, with honk on the other side, hissing and pacing for all he was worth..

Now I have been skunked before in my life and I really perfer to move them along without them spraying as much as possable, we have had a few skunks on the farm before, always in spring, typically young and normally they find my outdoor kitty free feeder before they try and find the chickens pens.

So out I go and then stop, huh, what is the plan here, think for half a second and I go to the brown shed, grab the moving critter wooden shield and the rake and I’m off on remove the pretty little very much looks like a girl skunk (I think they are such lovely critters, at one time, I really did alot of research on having a altered/desented one for a pet) and she is not at all certain what to do with this mad women coming at her, thankfully I had put on warm dark colors this morning but she did three waddles in different directions with me slowly and carefully blocking her with the solid board before she finally half turned and gave me a good warning, at which we had stall mate.. just kind of stood there freezing..

She gave me a look overand then slow, very so slowly turned and started waddling the directions I wanted her to, and I slowly followed one step at a time, over and down the driveway, across the road and back into the woods where finally she took off at a run..

The real question is will she be back or will she move on.. please, please move on…

Update: Clearly she went to Farm T’s and had a run in with her loose yard dogs, as I was just letting my own hounds out for a pee and the breeze is carrying skunk on it..

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6 Responses to Skunk on the must be spring..

  1. Ed says:

    I’m glad it worked out for you. I look forward to these stories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Ha, ha, ha! (Getting such a great visual here; )
    Now we have to add “Brass Balls Skunk Herding” to your long list of talents! Lmao!!!!

  3. Funny that should happen to you this morning. I look out the window this morning and see the blond fox trying to steel one of my hens. I run out the door in my house coat to yell at it, and to my discomfort also discover it was -3c. I also have our king Sheppard by the collar, because if I let him go, there will be a vet bill. So I put him on his chain and tell the other old dog to “go get it”. So she runs around all over in the wrong direction. So the fox drops a hen out of its mouth and run back into the forest, the other four hens and there ruffled sister Hen run around the old house. I go back inside to put on much need shoes and winter clothing and they go back out were I can’t find a single hen now. Wtf, I looked up in all the trees across the road, ware my hens go within 3 minutes of me getting dressed and the dog out side. Its now noon and I see 4 hens.

  4. Kodi says:

    Oh, skunks make lovely pets, even unscented. Just don’t startle them! We were lucky enough to rescue a couple babies, eyes still shut, because their mom had been killed by a farmer. They sprayed once in the trunk of the car on the way home, (but not when I marched over and picked them up and put them in the paper bag, lol!) and once in their box when they were a little older, the dogs had frightened them. Playful, affectionate little dears. Better than cats. We were sorry when they were big enough to release back to the wild. Glad you managed the job without perfuming your yard (or yourself!).

  5. Quite the excitement.
    As for spring – after the heat wave we had, it feels odd to be plunged into this windy cold weather again!

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