Odds and Ends..

So I finally got to some butchering done, the oldest laying hens are now finished, I have my year old layers and my up and coming 12 week old layers still doing well with us..  I also got all my extra roosters done. In another 4 to 6 weeks my meat birds will be ready to get butchered out, an I have lots of ducks that will be reaching the right age inbetween.. I am truly impressed with the amount of fat, I am getting for future use in regards to cooking/frying etc.

I have been able to make a number more of my sheep tallow candles for future use, I have figured out how to get rid of the tiny bit of sputtering, I take my twice cleaned fat, let it crumble out and then freeze it, let it dry out in the freezer for a couple days and then remelt and no more sputter.. I love it.. it burns really clean and really slow, I have put up a number of small 6 oz candles in the 8 oz jars.

This week has been awesome on the making of my lucet necklace/scarf designs, so far I have figured out how to make them double stranded, double colored and or in different patterns.. so awesome.. Some of them are three stranded, some are four and some are even five.. Going to just share one of them with you.. don’t laugh to hard but Dh is modeling for me..I stuck him a black turtleneck.. I will get the ladies in the family to model their’s and post them after xmas..

I think I have talked about the fact that locally this year, there is no straw available, now I have heard that you can get large straw bales brought in from outside our local area if you are willing to pay 85 a bale for it.. yikes.. most of the folks are using old hay as bedding, if they can track it down, Now I got a little leg up as my regular Farmer R had been saving me two large 900 pd straw bales in his storage for me since spring, he offered me the chance to buy what he had left from 2010, and I was so excited to find out that he in fact has four of them available for me, and at a much more reasonable 50 a bale.  Normally our ducks have a straw bedding in their sleeping quarters, but lately they have had to make do with wood chips.. well today they got their straw back and Apple Duck was singing and dancing with happiness it was way to cute..

So how is your weekend going? How is your winter crafting going?



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3 Responses to Odds and Ends..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    The colour range in that scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I sat and looked at it, trying to think what it reminded me of… All the colours in a tortoiseshell cat’s fur! So rich, but the butterscotch shade is definitely my favourite.

    Wow, a shortage of straw? That’s weird: we’ve got tons of it around here. There’s a fair amount of cereal crops grown locally for the Weetabix plant (but not as much as when the Kraft/former General Foods plant was still operating): Perhaps more land has been put into soy and corn recently too, now that I think of it.
    Stupid ethanol – I thought the original idea with making ethanol was to use up agricultural “waste”. Not that there’s anything that should really be going to waste on a farm…

    • You are right about the colors in the scarf, I knew I loved it, but was not able to put it into words but that would explain why I adored that color combo.

      The reason I was told this spring that we would have a straw shortage and it has proven locally to be true is because it was such a wet spring that many of the fields that would normally be put into wheat were far to wet to get out on and get planted, I had a line on one gent that was putting in barley and I told him I would take Barley straw, but it only grew very short before heading out, so even that was not good.. It was not that folks didn’t want to plant their normal crops this year, it was that the weather would not let them..

      On the other hand, I do agree about the stupid use of a feed grain to be used to run cars, it’s done nothing but drive the prices up and up!

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        I guess we were just luckier with the weather here this spring. (God knows there have been other years that we weren’t so lucky) :
        Ah well, there’s always next year, eh?

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