Food Storage Friday

Well, I opened my flyers this week with a screwed eye on them, typically this is the week you are going to see your best prices and I see that butter is very much on sale as is cheese, at my local No Frill’s they have ten pds of ontario, carrots, onions and potatos on for 1.75 and for the first time in the 3 months that I have been watching there is finally a sale on Caration evaporated milk for 1.25, which is not great as typically it had been going on sale for 1 a can, and I like to have a case or two of the canned milk in my pantry for use thoughout the year as while Sheep milk is good for a number of things, some things the cow’s canned or powdered milk works better..

The rest of the week has been good, typical on the eating out of the pantry, I made a big batch of homemade yogurt, as I like adding yogurt to my blended drinks for added protein. I have been using canned or frozen fruit in them and it really improved the green drinks in flavour.

I have added in cinnamon daily into my drinks and I am finding it causes me a upset tummy so far but its reported health benefits are great, and I want my system to get used to it,  I was thinking about spices this week a fair amount, I have been trying to grow more and more of my own spices an seasonings over the past years, I was quite inspired by Andrea on her making of hot pepper sauce and dried/ground hot peppers, this is a area that I have not explored nearly as much as I should, I grow lots of peppers but because Dh is not keen on really hot foods, I have not tpically been growing a large amount for future use, instead growing and loving my horseradish for heat..

So I did a bit of reading and I do think it is a area that I can fairly easily grow, harvest and prepare to add to the pantry, I am also going to start learning even more in regards to what can be wild harvested in terms of items that can be uses to replace X in different recipes, I use some fairly regular, spruce tips for rosemary, stinging nettle seeds for celery seeds, diced dried dandlion flowers for saffon etc.

How was your week, did you find any amazing deal’s to add to the pantry? Did you grow herbs this year, and if so did you try and different ones? Did you find something that worked really well to replace something that comes from far away?

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5 Responses to Food Storage Friday

  1. lepidilla says:

    We left Ontario for warmer climes for the winter and are on our way south. Did a bit of shopping in Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh). I love to compare prices. Potatoes are $7. for 10 pounds. $1.50 for 1 pound of carrots. Tomatoes on the stem were on ‘sale’ for 2.79 #. Ontario produce prices are pretty awesome.
    Regarding your spice use… perhaps you are aware but some spices can be toxic in excessive amounts. I am sensitive to nutmeg and would never use more than 1/4 tsp in a recipe or I get dizzy/ nauseous. How much cinnamon are you ingesting in a day? Perhaps your body is telling you that it’s too much.
    I enjoy following your ‘life on the farm’ and will continue to follow you from the south. Stay warm!

    • Hi Lepidilla

      I am so glad you enjoy the blog and following along with me on the farm, enjoy the south and its warmth for winter, once and awhile feel free to share some of the fun things you are doing down there with me 🙂

      I am always amazed at the difference in prices but wow 7 dollars for ten pds of potatos, I had always heard that food prices were less in the US, but that is alot higher.

      Good advice on the sprices, I have cut the amount of cinnamon in half at the serving, taking it twice a day instead of once and it is much better, Perhaps I can work my body up to that point but regardless I am much happier with the results of taking it twice a day..

      I want to take one teaspoon per day in total..

  2. Daisy says:

    I dried a ton of peppers this year, and am planning on experimenting over the winter with different blends for taco and fajita seasoning. Fajitas are my go-to quick dinner when things are hectic, lots of veggies straight out of the freezer and they really stretch a bit of meat, so we eat a lot of them. We also made our own chipotle this year, it should be fun to experiment with that `cause it smells like heaven!

    I didn`t see many deals tonight, except for cheese which I got the limit on. I don`t think it`s possible to have too much old cheddar. 🙂

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      Yup! I was getting the limit on cheddar today too. (Been a while since its been anywhere near a reasonable price):

    • Hi Daisy

      Let me know how the different taco and fijita seasonings go, what works for you and in what portions, please an thanks.. I hear you both on the cheese, can you ever have enough old sharp chedder!

      One of my favorite lunches this week was heavy dark rye bread with orange marlalade, and old chedder on top.. heavenly!

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