Canadian Long Gun Registery- going, Going! Soon to be GONE!

Having been raised in alberta, I was raised with a huge sense of pride in our past, our familes and a real make do attitude, most of the men and few of us ladies in our family hunt, within my own family,  we were raised as children not only having hunting in the family with wild game filling the freezer and many jars in the cellar but with my family involved in the Alberta Black Powder Club

Fast forward many years and my dad still has his own range on his farm, and last time I was home, I got woke up in the early morning to get to try out his new rifles, and let me tell ya, he has some sweet ones.. I don’t show very many photos of my family on the blog, and when I do, I tend to take out our faces but this is one of my favorite photos I took of my dad on my last visit home.

I remember being so excited at the age of eight to get to go the local gun club for the children long gun training, and I spent many, many hours with “my” 22,  weekends dressed into homemade dress’s with sack cloth apron and bobbin head gear, knife throwing contests, ax throwing contests, just for us ladies.. Cast Iron pan throwing contests, some of my best memories was not just getting to shoot but the whole get togethers and family time, pot lucks in the evenings, running wild in the bush or in the badlands, fishing at the local rivers, learning how to help set up the TP’s, one of the children’s games that was done with a parent, in my case, it was dad, was we were given a can, and an egg and matches, and you had to run for the water, gatherer the material, start the fire, get the water to boil and eat the egg.. Poor daddy, that egg was never hard boiled when he glupped it down, runny at best LOL

But really while that was good clean fun, its not my favorite memories as a child, they would be sitting and visting in the building that dad did his bullet making, hours of skimming lead, and making our own bullets, hours spent on our own personal range on the farm, it was quiet and we had to be careful but we were not coddled either, the rumble of the shell cleaner, the hiss of the propane going that melted the lead and that special metal smell and the never lost it amazement when a perfect one came out of the bullet molds.

Now my dad has been active before this law passed trying to stop it, he has driven across the province attending the big gatherings and meetings, I remember watching one of alberta’s biggest rallies to stop the Long Gun registery and there in the front row was my dad on the evening news!

I have also been active over the years in a number of different ways letting those in power know that I want it GONE!, on the vote last year (that lost by a meer sliver) I phone every parties member in my country, all the parties in the province, contacted both by letter, email and phone all the parties on a national level, I even contacted the offices of those across this country of mine that were on the fence, wanting to vote against their party line..

And to be honest, I was a little pissed that as soon as I said I was a farmer, one of the BIG parties, sighed and said, we know “farmers” want it removed, but the city folks all want it.. Really that is what you tell someone that call’s you to express their concerns, one of them said to me, there are more voters in the populated area’s that want the control, then there are in the country.. Thankfully the other three parties listened to me, without judging based on my livelyhood.

So you can imagine just how happy I am to hear this week that goverment has tabled a bill to remove not only the long gun registery but also that they are planning on destroying the data bases so that the database will not be able to be taken over and redone into provincal long gun databases, interestingly, only one single province is even thinking of doing so, and the rest have no plans at this time.

Here are a few facts, “they” say that we have three unregistered long guns for each one that is registered.. so  if almost 8 million are, that means that if their guess is right that we have about 32 million long guns in canada,  so as we are to have about 33 million peaple in canada, that’s a gun per person.. not even looking at hand guns.

Firearms registered (as of September 2011): 7,865,994

  • Non-restricted firearms: 7,137,386
  • Restricted firearms: 528,323
  • Prohibited firearms: 200,285

Firearms per 100,000 population: 24,882 (Prince Edward Island has the lowest rate, at 18,029, and Yukon has the highest, 87,278

Having lived in the NWT, and Nunavut, I can honestly say that yes, almost everyone has long guns and rightly so, who would want to go on the land without them! Interesting that the Yukon has the highest number..

During those years, the cost of establishing the registry was more than $1 billion. The Harper government campaigned on getting rid of the long-gun registry and now it says it also intends to destroy all the information about long-gun owners that has been collected.

Headed for the Trash Heap: The federal gun registry had amassed more than 6.6-million records on non-restricted firearms by March 31, 2009. These data will be destroyed, the Conservatives said, rather than leave the door open for a new registry. “We will not assist provinces to set up a back-door registry,” a government spokesman said.

Now I know that I have readers from many different backgrounds and I do understand that not everyone is going to agree with my views on the right to own a rifle for personal use, as always comments are welcome, all that are polite will be posted on though. (you would be amazed at some of the PETA type rants about me raising critters or butchering that don’t get put though)

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11 Responses to Canadian Long Gun Registery- going, Going! Soon to be GONE!

  1. CallieK says:

    Having never seen, let alone held a gun in my life I’m probably not in a position to speak on this. I do however have a question . I am a proponent of the long gun registry because the father of my dear friend happens to be Chief Bill Blair of the Toronto Police dept who has spoken often of his support of the registry. I respect his opinion that the registry is a good and necessary thing but I have never examined the issue at length. My question for you is how does registering a long gun prevent you from owning one for personal use?

    • Good Question Callie, and very valid, The short answer is it doesn’t.. otherwise we would not have almost 9 million legally registered long guns currently in canada.

      The longer answer would be, legal long gun owners are already registered with the goverment to own a firearm, why do I need to tell them the make/model and number etc.

      If they can look it up and see that I have the legal right to own and use a firearm, then the odds are very good that I have one or more of them, so to a point its about the right to it being private on what is owned, and its about history in other countries, and how those registery’s can be used to a negative effect on the general population, (I pray and hope that we will never live to see a time that will be a issue in our country but I can’t ignore how registery’s like that have been abused by those in power at times of stress)

  2. Well, I’m “city” and I’ve thought the long gun registry is stupid. If you have a long gun, you’ve already had to get your license, so you’re registered.

    I was pleased to hear that Harper is getting rid of it altogether.

  3. Andrea says:

    That’s great news! Gun registration is something that raises my husband’s ire quicker than anything…which says something considering how even-tempered he is.

    CD said that you have to have a license to own a gun? What’s that about?

    • Hi Andrea,

      Its what it sounds like, you have to take training, pass a test and get a paid permit in order to have the legal right to own or use a gun, it includes a background check on the person.

      Its a way to make sure that those with guns have training and are mentally stable.. While I know others don’t like it much, I think that it is a smart thing to do, Knowledge is important when you are dealing with something that can and often is used as a weapon.

      • Andrea says:

        Wow. We have to go through that for a concealed carry permit, but to my knowledge, all you have to do is pass a background check to buy a gun commercially.

        The 2 things about registrations/licenses that are kind of hang-ups for me:

        A) only mentally-stable, law abiding citizens are going to go through the registration process to begin with. If you’re nuts or have something to hide, you would simply skip that step thus the registration/license doesn’t do much good.

        B) And this is the anti-bad government part of me, but gun confiscations/bans worry me. I try not to sound all tinfoil-hat-ish, but it’s happened in the US and recently. See Hurricane Katrina gun confiscations. See Hurrican Earl concealed carry ban. In a SHTF situation, I’d be concerned that a government official/department/czar could simply go through a file, know where I live, what I own.

      • Deb W says:

        Hi, Just to clear up a little confusion here… There are several steps involved, the first being a PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) in order to have weapons of any kind. Then, for hunting you apply for a hunting licence: which you must earn (in the Province of Ontario, at least) from the Ministry of Natural Resources for hunting, having game in your possession or on your property (not to mention the actual game tags/licences for deer, moose, bear, migratory birds…)
        To carry a handgun is another set of registrations: the specific weapon(s) involved, where they are to be used (target practice at a range, for instance) and the route to be taken to get to the practice area.
        Then there’s the list of prohibited weapons that aren’t allowed (by the general public) at all…

        And you’re right, laws are for honest people and criminals don’t obey the law, which is exactly why a lot of people here are so up-in-arms (pardon the pun; ) about this whole (long)gun registry thing.
        What I’d really like to see are the stats on how many people use what type of weapon (if any) in the commission of crime.

  4. Deb W says:

    Hey FarmGal, Problem is, when people from the city see guns being used it’s to commit a crime, so guns (all guns) are bad… (Not to mention country people use them to hunt Bambi’s mother and Winnie-the-Pooh.)

    The one bright spot in this? The hundred mile diet is waking people up to where their food comes from and how it’s raised. We are supposed to eat the food around us and blogs like yours are raising awareness on just how rich, varied (and affordable) that diet can be.

    Slightly off topic, but REALLY important… Did you hear the story on CBC radio this morning about Genetically Modified salmon on the verge of release for human consumption? It has double the normal growth rate and is supposedly sterile. What happens to us over time when we eat this stuff?

    Remember what they said about RoundUp Ready crops? Now we have super-resistant weeds, like dandelion, growing in spite of their RoundUp-burned, scorched-earth surroundings. Nature will always find a way to thrive in spite of technology: that is “survival of the fittest”, right?

    • Hi deb

      I missed it, but will listen for it on the repeat tonight, and might google about that salmon, god will they never leave things alone, Nature will find a way is right.. We really need to get to the point that they HAVE to tell us in Canada, like they do in Europe if the food in the package has Genetically modified food in it or not..

      • Deb W says:

        Yah, labelling should be the least of it, but how do you seperate GM cereal crops from nonGM? Once it hits the silos there’s no telling the difference. That’s why Europe refuses to buy our crops anymore. Worst thing is we’re all experimental Guinea Pigs in this thing – we’ve been eating this stuff, without our knowledge or consent for years, decades even – what are/will be the longterm effects? Does anyone really have a clue of the repercussions, or is anyone even keeping tabs on this? Wish I could be here decades on when people do become aware. Mind boggling isn’t it? Man’s ignorance in presuming they could ever forsee all of the possible permutations and combinations of this?

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