Hit the brakes Honey.. is that road kill!

My poor man, the things he puts up with for his darling wife, as we rounded a curve I spotted the dark shape on the side of the road, then did a double take when I realized it was a big Porupine and it was a hit the breaks, I want quills.. Chirstmas gifts this year are to be homemade!

It was fairly fresh kill, and overall not in bad shape, was able to do a good solid pull and filled a big bowl with quills and a bit of fur, I just did a full back pick and then when I got home , I did a pick though.. I got enough “longs” for six full earing sets, and enough med and shorts for three full necklaces/plus earing work, then I gave the rest to a farmer just down the road. She lets me wild forage on in her forest and I know she makes and sells jewlery at the local pow-pows, so this was my way to say thanks. (plus she has all the gear for me to make my necklaces and has already invited me over to have a coffee and to teach me the new hot designs) As you can see, I am being careful while handling the needles, once they are dried and tipped, they will be much safer to work with.

Want an idea of what the peices typically look like? Here is a example’s from the net.. They are hollow so when you tip them, you can string them if you want, or you can work them into patterns for little box’s or you can work them into leather and bead work as the long middle parts, the ways to use them are many and you have lots of choices from simple clean lines to super fancy!


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7 Responses to Hit the brakes Honey.. is that road kill!

  1. Carine says:

    Oh! If you have too many, I would take a few… just started doing earings with feathers and beads, it would be awesome !

  2. Andrea says:

    Of course we don’t have porcupines in this area…but this post made me laugh and think about my dad. That sounds like something my dad would have done. He would have eaten it, but you know, to each his own.

    The jewelry is fascinating.

  3. Waste not, want not right? I can’t wait to see what you make out of them!

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