Garden Photos

Well this past weekend my old faithful digital camera died with a bang and whimper, so after a bit of searching, I got a reasonable replacement, and here are some of the first photos it has taken.

Our first Blueberry blooms, I have a number of different kinds of blueberry bushes and the earliest has berries ready by June.

The very first bush we got for the farm, this stunning spring beauty is always covered in flushes of tiny pink flowers with the most heavenly scent, a bee favorite.

Was I ever surprised to see these on one of the big rhubarbs this morning, “Bad” plant, don’t go to seed in May!, focus on those lovely red stalks, despite that, I do like it from a artist eye personally.

I am very happy to be able to again put photos with the posts.. So which one is your favorite and why?

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1 Response to Garden Photos

  1. Andrea says:

    Your garden looks a lot like mine…my blueberries are full of blossoms and my rhubarb is going to seed too.

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